A Benchmark Set of Highly-efficient CUDA and OpenCL Kernels and its Dynamic Autotuning with Kernel Tuning Toolkit

Filip Petrovič, David Střelák, Jana Hozzová, Jaroslav Oľha, Richard Trembecký, Siegfried Benkner, Jiří Filipovič
Institute of Computer Science, Masaryk University, Botanick´a 68a, 60200 Brno, Czech Republic
arXiv:1910.08498 [cs.DC], (18 Oct 2019)


   title={A Benchmark Set of Highly-efficient CUDA and OpenCL Kernels and its Dynamic Autotuning with Kernel Tuning Toolkit},

   author={Filip Petrovič and David Střelák and Jana Hozzová and Jaroslav Oľha and Richard Trembecký and Siegfried Benkner and Jiří Filipovič},






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Autotuning of performance-relevant source-code parameters allows to automatically tune applications without hard coding optimizations and thus helps with keeping the performance portable. In this paper, we introduce a benchmark set of ten autotunable kernels for important computational problems implemented in OpenCL or CUDA. Using our Kernel Tuning Toolkit, we show that with autotuning most of the kernels reach near-peak performance on various GPUs and outperform baseline implementations on CPUs and Xeon Phis. Our evaluation also demonstrates that autotuning is key to performance portability. In addition to offline tuning, we also introduce dynamic autotuning of code optimization parameters during application runtime. With dynamic tuning, the Kernel Tuning Toolkit enables applications to re-tune performance-critical kernels at runtime whenever needed, for example, when input data changes. Although it is generally believed that autotuning spaces tend to be too large to be searched during application runtime, we show that it is not necessarily the case when tuning spaces are designed rationally. Many of our kernels reach near peak-performance with moderately sized tuning spaces that can be searched at runtime with acceptable overhead. Finally we demonstrate, how dynamic performance tuning can be integrated into a real-world application from cryo-electron microscopy domain.
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