Inline Vector Compression for Computational Physics

Will Trojak, Freddie Witherden
Department of Ocean Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station
arXiv:2003.02633 [cs.CE], (27 Feb 2020)


   title={Inline Vector Compression for Computational Physics},

   author={Will Trojak and Freddie Witherden},






A novel inline data compression method is presented for single-precision vectors in three dimensions. The primary application of the method is for accelerating computational physics calculations where the throughput is bound by memory bandwidth. The scheme employs spherical polar coordinates, angle quantisation, and a bespoke floating-point representation of the magnitude to achieve a fixed compression ratio of 1.5. The anisotropy of this method is considered, along with companding and fractional splitting techniques to improve the efficiency of the representation. We evaluate the scheme numerically within the context of high-order computational fluid-dynamics. For both the isentropic convecting vortex and the Taylor–Green vortex test cases the results are found to be comparable to those without compression. Performance is evaluated for a vector addition kernel on an NVIDIA Titan V GPU; it is demonstrated that a speedup of 1.5 can be achieved.
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