Sketching MLS Image Deformations On the GPU

Yanlin Weng, Xiaohan Shi, Hujun Bao, Jun Zhang
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 27, Issue 7, pages 1789-1796, October 2008


   title={Sketching MLS image deformations on the GPU},

   author={Weng, Y. and Shi, X. and Bao, H. and Zhang, J.},

   booktitle={Computer Graphics Forum},






   organization={John Wiley & Sons}


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In this paper, we present an image editing tool that allows the user to deform images using a sketch-based interface. The user simply sketches a set of source curves in the input image, and also some target curves that the source curves should be deformed to. Then the moving least squares (MLS) deformation technique [SMW06] is adapted to produce realistic deformations while satisfying the curves’ positional constraints. We also propose a scheme to reduce image fold-overs in MLS deformations. Our system has a very intuitive user interface, generates physically plausible deformations, and can be easily implemented on the GPU for real-time performance.
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