cuFINUFFT: a load-balanced GPU library for general-purpose nonuniform FFTs

Yu-hsuan Shih, Garrett Wright, Joakim Andén, Johannes Blaschke, Alex H. Barnett
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University, New York, NY, USA
arXiv:2102.08463 [cs.DC], (16 Feb 2021)


   title={cuFINUFFT: a load-balanced GPU library for general-purpose nonuniform FFTs},

   author={Yu-hsuan Shih and Garrett Wright and Joakim Andén and Johannes Blaschke and Alex H. Barnett},






Nonuniform fast Fourier transforms dominate the computational cost in many applications including image reconstruction and signal processing. We thus present a general-purpose GPU-based CUDA library for type 1 (nonuniform to uniform) and type 2 (uniform to nonuniform) transforms in dimensions 2 and 3, in single or double precision. It achieves high performance for a given user-requested accuracy, regardless of the distribution of nonuniform points, via cache-aware point reordering, and load-balanced blocked spreading in shared memory. At low accuracies, this gives on-GPU throughputs around 10^9 nonuniform points per second, and (even including host-device transfer) is typically 4-10x faster than the latest parallel CPU code FINUFFT (at 28 threads). It is competitive with two established GPU codes, being up to 90x faster at high accuracy and/or type 1 clustered point distributions. Finally we demonstrate a 6-18x speedup versus CPU in an X-ray diffraction 3D iterative reconstruction task at 10^−12 accuracy, observing excellent multi-GPU weak scaling up to one rank per GPU.
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