Portable C++ Code that can Look and Feel Like Fortran Code with Yet Another Kernel Launcher (YAKL)

Matthew Norman, Isaac Lyngaas, Abhishek Bagusetty, Mark Berrill
National Center for Computational Sciences, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 1 Bethel Valley Rd, Oak Ridge, TN 37830, USA
International Journal of Parallel Programming, 2022


   title={Portable C++ Code that can Look and Feel Like Fortran Code with Yet Another Kernel Launcher (YAKL)},

   author={Norman, Matthew and Lyngaas, Isaac and Bagusetty, Abhishek and Berrill, Mark},

   journal={International Journal of Parallel Programming},





This paper introduces the Yet Another Kernel Launcher (YAKL) C++ portability library, which strives to enable user-level code with the look and feel of Fortran code. The intended audience includes both C++ developers and Fortran developers unfamiliar with C++. The C++ portability approach is briefly explained, YAKL’s main features are described, and code examples are given that demonstrate YAKL’s usage. YAKL fills a niche capability important particularly to scientific applications seeking to port Fortran code quickly to a portable C++ library. YAKL places heavy emphasis on simplicity, readability, and productivity with performance mainly emphasizing Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). Central to YAKL’s ability to allow Fortran-like user-level code are three features: (1) a multi-dimensional Array class that allows Fortran behavior; (2) a limited library of Fortran intrinsic functions; and (3) an efficient pool allocator that transparently enables cheap frequent allocations and deallocations of YAKL Arrays. While YAKL allows Fortran-style code, it also allows Arrays that exhibit C-like behavior as well, including row-major index ordering and lower bounds of "0". YAKL currently supports CPUs, CPU threading, and Nvidia, AMD, and Intel GPUs.
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