Building Human Brain Network in 3D Coefficient Map Determined by X-ray Microtomography

Ryuta Mizutani, Akihisa Takeuchi, Kentaro Uesugi, Susumu Takekoshi, Naoya Nakamura, Yoshio Suzuki
Department of Applied Biochemistry, School of Engineering, Tokai University, Kanagawa 259-1292, Japan
The 10th International Conference on X-Ray Microscopy, 2011


   title={Building Human Brain Network in 3D Coefficient Map Determined by X-ray Microtomography},

   author={Mizutani, R. and Takeuchi, A. and Uesugi, K. and Takekoshi, S. and Nakamura, N. and Suzuki, Y.},

   booktitle={American Institute of Physics Conference Series},





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X-ray microtomography can visualize 3D structures of biological soft tissues at cellular to subcellular resolution. Such 3D structures are composed of a great number of cells and extracellular matrices that should be assigned separately as tissue constituents. Here, we report a method for building a skeletonized model of the human brain network in a 3D distribution map of linear absorption coefficients determined by microtomography. The 3D models of neurons were automatically built by using a Sobel filter and manually edited via a graphical interface. The simplification of the 3D coefficient map facilitates understanding of microtomographic structures composed of huge numbers of voxels. We suggest that x-ray microtomography along with model building in the 3D coefficient map is a potential method for understanding 3D microstructures relevant to biological functions, like x-ray crystallography in molecular biology.
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