Joint-MAP Tomographic Reconstruction with Patch Similarity Based Mixture Prior Model

Yang Chen, Yinsheng Li, Weimin Yu, Limin Luo, Wufan Chen, Christine Toumoulin
Laboratory of Image Science and Technology, Southeast University,Nanjing, 210096, China
Multiscale Modeling & Simulation, Volume 9, Issue 4, pp. 1399-1419, 2011


   title={Joint-MAP Tomographic Reconstruction with Patch Similarity Based Mixture Prior Model},

   author={Chen, Y. and Li, Y. and Yu, W. and Luo, L. and Chen, W. and Toumoulin, C.},

   journal={Multiscale Modeling and Simulation},





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Tomographic reconstruction from noisy projections do not yield adequate results. Mathematically, this tomographic reconstruction represents an ill-posed problem due to information missing caused by the presence of noise. Maximum a posteriori (MAP) or Bayesian reconstruction methods offer possibilities to improve the image quality as compared with analytical methods in particular by introducing a prior to guide the reconstruction and regularize the noise. With an aim to achieve robust utilization of continuity/connectivity information and overcome the heuristic weight update for other nonlocal prior methods, this paper proposes a novel patch similarity based mixture (PSM) prior model for tomographic reconstruction. This prior is defined by a weighted Gaussian distance between neighborhood intensities. The weight quantifies the similarity between local neighborhoods and is computed using a maximization entropy constraint. This prior is then introduced within a joint image/weight MAP computed tomography reconstruction algorithm. Several acceleration trials including Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) parallelization is applied to alleviate the intensive patch distance computation involved in the joint algorithm. The method was tested with both synthetic phantoms and clinical computed tomography data and compared in accuracy with five other reconstruction algorithms which are filtered back-projection and Bayesian-based. Reconstruction results show that the proposed reconstructions are able to produce high-quality images with ensured iteration convergence.
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