Dynamic Task-Scheduling and Resource Management for GPU Accelerators in Medical Imaging

Richard Membarth, Jan-Hugo Lupp, Frank Hannig, Jurgen Teich, Mario Korner, Wieland Eckert
Hardware/Software Co-Design, Department of Computer Science, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
Architecture of Computing Systems – ARCS, 2012


   title={Dynamic Task-Scheduling and Resource Management for GPU Accelerators in Medical Imaging},

   author={Membarth, R. and Lupp, J.H. and Hannig, F. and Teich, J. and K{"o}rner, M. and Eckert, W.},

   journal={Architecture of Computing Systems–ARCS 2012},





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For medical imaging applications, a timely execution of tasks is essential. Hence, running multiple applications on the same system, scheduling with the capability of task preemption and prioritization becomes mandatory. Using GPUs as accelerators in this domain, imposes new challenges since GPU’s common FIFO scheduling does not support task prioritization and preemption. As a remedy, this paper investigates the employment of resource management and scheduling techniques for applications from the medical domain for GPU accelerators. A scheduler supporting both, priority-based and LDF scheduling is added to the system such that high-priority tasks can interrupt tasks already enqueued for execution. The scheduler is capable of utilizing multiple GPUs in a system to minimize the average response time of applications. Moreover, it supports simultaneous execution of multiple tasks to hide data transfers latencies. We show that the scheduler interrupts scheduled and already enqueued applications to fulfill the timing requirements of high-priority dynamic tasks.
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