Comparison and Analysis of GPGPU and Parallel Computing on Multi-Core CPU

Hong Zhang, Da-fang Zhang, Xia-an Bi
School of information Science and Engineering, Hunan University, China
International Journal of Information and Education Technology, Vol. 2, No. 2, April 2012


   title={Comparison and Analysis of GPGPU and Parallel Computing on Multi-Core CPU},

   author={Zhang, Hong and Zhang, Da-fang and Bi, Xia-an},



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There are two ways to improve the performance of the algorithm computing, which are general purpose of computation and parallel computation of multi-core CPU. By comparison and analysis, contrast the main difference between them, we reach a conclusion that GPU is suitable for processing large-scale data-parallel load of high-density computing but relatively simple branching logic, however, the CPU is more suitable for processing complex logic computation. Now, the appearance of the CUDA makes GPU architecture more suitable for general purpose of computation. Cryptographic algorithm is typical compute-intensive algorithm, this paper take the modular exponentiation of RSA algorithms for example, through the comparison and analysis of GPU implementation and CPU implementation, the experiment results show: that the GPU implementation can achieve more than 45 times speedup in comparison with multi-core CPU implementation of RSA.
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