A Reconfigurable GPU Implementation for Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding

Fernando Domene, Sandra Roger, Carla Ramiro, Gema Pinero, Alberto Gonzalez
Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Camino de Vera s/n, 46022, Valencia, Spain
International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, 2012



   author={Domene, F. and Roger, S. and Ramiro, C. and Pinero, G. and Gonzalez, A.},



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Fast parallel processing capability of general purpose Graphic Processing Units (GPU) can be exploited to accelerate the precoding calculation needed in spatially multiplexed wireless communication systems. In this paper, a GPU-based implementation of the well-known multiuser TomlinsonHarashima precoding (THP) scheme combined with a latticereduction (LR) stage is presented. The proposed approach allows the LR stage to be switched off when user requirements are achieved by using only THP. Moreover, our GPU implementation provides scalability in the number of subcarriers per symbol, which is a key factor in LTE and 4G wireless standards. Simulation results show that the GPUbased THP implementation performs up to 7 times faster than its CPU-equivalent whereas the LR stage implementation only achieves a speedup of 3. Despite the fact that the LR cannot be as efficiently parallelized as the THP, a speedup of nearly 6 is achieved when both are combined.
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