Automatic Software Synthesis from High-Level ForSyDe Models Targeting Massively Parallel Processors

George Ungureanu
School of Information and Communication Technology Electronic Systems, KTH, Royal Institute of Technology
KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, 2013


   title={Automatic Software Synthesis from High-Level ForSyDe Models Targeting Massively Parallel Processors},

   author={Ungureanu, George and Niaki, Seyed Hosein Attarzadeh and Blindell, Gabriel Hjort},



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In the past decade we have witnessed an abrupt shift to parallel computing subsequent to the increasing demand for performance and functionality that can no longer be satisfied by conventional paradigms. As a consequence, the abstraction gab between the applications and the underlying hardware increased, triggering both industry and academia in several research directions. This thesis project aims at analyzing some of these directions in order to offer a solution for bridging the abstraction gap between the description of a problem at a functional level and the implementation on a heterogeneous parallel platform using ForSyDe – a formal design methodology. This report treats applications employing data-parallel and time-parallel computation, regards nvidia CUDA-enabled GPGPUs as the main backend platform. The report proposes a heuristic transformation-and-refinement process based on analysis methods and design decisions to automate and aid in a correct-by-design backend code synthesis. Its purpose is to identify potential data parallelism and time parallelism in a high-level system. Furthermore, based on a basic platform model, the algorithm load-balances and maps the execution onto the best computation resources in an automated design flow. This design flow will be embedded into an already existing tool, f2cc (ForSyDe-to-CUDA C) and tested for correctness on an industrial-scale image processing application aimed at monitoring inkjet print-heads reliability.
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