Simulating Quantum Computers Using OpenCL

Adam Kelly
arXiv:1805.00988 [quant-ph], (2 May 2018)


   title={Simulating Quantum Computers Using OpenCL},

   author={Kelly, Adam},






I present QCGPU, an open source Rust library for simulating quantum computers. QCGPU uses the OpenCL framework to enable acceleration by devices such as GPUs, FPGAs and DSPs. I perform a number of optimizations including parallelizing operations such as the application of gates and the calculation of various state probabilities for the purpose of measurment. Using an Amazon EC2 p3.2xLarge instance, the library is then benchmarked and also compared against some preexisting libraries with the same purpose. The presented library is limited only by the memory of the host machine or that of the device being used by OpenCL. The finished software is available.
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