GPU Tensor Cores for fast Arithmetic Reductions

Cristóbal A. Navarro, Roberto Carrasco, Ricardo J. Barrientos, Javier A. Riquelme, Raimundo Vega
Institute of Informatics of Universidad Austral de Chile
arXiv:2001.05585 [cs.DC], (15 Jan 2020)


   title={GPU Tensor Cores for fast Arithmetic Reductions},

   author={Cristóbal A. Navarro and Roberto Carrasco and Ricardo J. Barrientos and Javier A. Riquelme and Raimundo Vega},






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This work proposes a GPU tensor core approach that encodes the arithmetic reduction of n numbers as a set of chained mxm matrix multiply accumulate (MMA) operations executed in parallel by GPU tensor cores. The asymptotic running time of the proposed chained tensor core approach is T(n)=5 log_m^2 n and its speedup is S=4/5 log_2 m^2 over the classic O(n log n) parallel reduction algorithm. Experimental performance results show that the proposed reduction method is ~3.2x faster than a conventional GPU reduction implementation, and preserves the numerical precision because the sub-results of each chain of R MMAs is kept as a 32-bit floating point value, before being all reduced into as a final 32-bit result. The chained MMA design allows a flexible configuration of thread-blocks; small thread-blocks of 32 or 128 threads can still achieve maximum performance using a chain of R=4,5 MMAs per block, while large thread-blocks work best with R=1. The results obtained in this work show that tensor cores can indeed provide a significant performance improvement to non-Machine Learning applications such as the arithmetic reduction, which is an integration tool for studying many scientific phenomena.
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