FlowPM: Distributed TensorFlow Implementation of the FastPM Cosmological N-body Solver

Chirag Modi, Francois Lanusse, Uros Seljak
Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics, Department of Physics, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720, USA
arXiv:2010.11847 [astro-ph.CO], (22 Oct 2020)


   title={FlowPM: Distributed TensorFlow Implementation of the FastPM Cosmological N-body Solver},

   author={Chirag Modi and Francois Lanusse and Uros Seljak},






We present FlowPM, a Particle-Mesh (PM) cosmological N-body code implemented in Mesh-TensorFlow for GPU-accelerated, distributed, and differentiable simulations. We implement and validate the accuracy of a novel multi-grid scheme based on multiresolution pyramids to compute large scale forces efficiently on distributed platforms. We explore the scaling of the simulation on large-scale supercomputers and compare it with corresponding python based PM code, finding on an average 10x speed-up in terms of wallclock time. We also demonstrate how this novel tool can be used for efficiently solving large scale cosmological inference problems, in particular reconstruction of cosmological fields in a forward model Bayesian framework with hybrid PM and neural network forward model. We provide skeleton code for these examples and the entire code is publicly available.
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