GPU-accelerated Faster Mean Shift with euclidean distance metrics

Le You, Han Jiang, Jinyong Hu, Chorng Chang, Lingxi Chen, Xintong Cui, Mengyang Zhao
Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Tufts University, Medford, MA 02155, USA
arXiv:2112.13891 [cs.CV], (27 Dec 2021)


   title={GPU-accelerated Faster Mean Shift with euclidean distance metrics},

   author={Le You and Han Jiang and Jinyong Hu and Chorng Chang and Lingxi Chen and Xintong Cui and Mengyang Zhao},






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Handling clustering problems are important in data statistics, pattern recognition and image processing. The mean-shift algorithm, a common unsupervised algorithms, is widely used to solve clustering problems. However, the mean-shift algorithm is restricted by its huge computational resource cost. In previous research[10], we proposed a novel GPU-accelerated Faster Mean-shift algorithm, which greatly speed up the cosine-embedding clustering problem. In this study, we extend and improve the previous algorithm to handle Euclidean distance metrics. Different from conventional GPU-based mean-shift algorithms, our algorithm adopts novel Seed Selection & Early Stopping approaches, which greatly increase computing speed and reduce GPU memory consumption. In the simulation testing, when processing a 200K points clustering problem, our algorithm achieved around 3 times speedup compared to the state-of-the-art GPU-based mean-shift algorithms with optimized GPU memory consumption. Moreover, in this study, we implemented a plug-and-play model for faster mean-shift algorithm, which can be easily deployed. (Plug-and-play model is available)
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