Genomics-GPU: A Benchmark Suite for GPU-accelerated Genome Analysis

Zhuren Liu, Shouzhe Zhang, Justin Garrigus, Hui Zhao
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of North Texas
IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems and Software, 2023


   title={Genomics-GPU: A Benchmark Suite for GPU-accelerated Genome Analysis},

   author={Liu, Zhuren and Zhang, Shouzhe and Garrigus, Justin and Zhao, Hui},



Genomic analysis is the study of genes which includes the identification, measurement, or comparison of genomic features. Genomics research is of great importance to our society because it can be used to detect diseases, create vaccines, and develop drugs and treatments. As a type of general-purpose accelerators with massive parallel processing capability, GPUs have been recently used for genomics analysis. Developing GPU-based hardware and software frameworks for genome analysis is becoming a promising research area. To support this type of research, benchmarks are needed that can feature representative, concurrent, and diverse applications running on GPUs. In this work, we created a benchmark suite called Genomics-GPU, which contains 10 widely-used genomic analysis applications. It covers genome comparison, matching, and clustering for DNAs and RNAs. We also adapted these applications to exploit the CUDA Dynamic Parallelism (CDP), a recent advanced feature supporting dynamic GPU programming, to further improve the performance. Our benchmark suite can serve as a basis for algorithm optimization and also facilitate GPU architecture development for genomics analysis.
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