Programming issues for video analysis on Graphics Processing Units

Juan Gomez Luna
Departamento de Arquitectura de Computadores, Electronica y Tecnologia Electronica, Universidad de Cordoba
Universidad de Cordoba, 2012


   title={Programming issues for video analysis on Graphics Processing Units},

   author={G{‘o}mez Luna, J.},


   publisher={Universidad de C{‘o}rdoba, Servicio de Publicaciones}


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Video processing is a part of signal processing where input and/or output signals are video streams. It covers a wide variety of applications that are generally very compute-intensive due to the algorithmic complexity. Moreover, many of these applications demand real-time performance. Fulfilling these requirements makes necessary the use of hardware acceleration such as Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). GPUs have spectacularly bursted in the scene of High Performance Computing (HPC) in the last few years, thanks to the advent of new programming models that allow an easy exploitation of their vast computing resources. They are successfully being used in an innumerable variety of scientific and engineering applications. Among them video applications are on the cutting edge of this revolution, because of their computational requirements and the wide spectrum of end users that increasingly demands them.
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