The GPU-based High-performance Pattern-matching Algorithm for Intrusion Detection

Dongliang Xu, Hongli Zhang, Yujian Fan
School of Computer Science and Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150001, China
Journal of Computational Information Systems 9: 10, 3791-3800, 2013


   title={The GPU-based High-performance Pattern-matching Algorithm for Intrusion Detection},

   author={XU, Dongliang and ZHANG, Hongli and FAN, Yujian},

   journal={Journal of Computational Information Systems},






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Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) has been converted to general purpose parallel processor devices from a single rendering. It performed far better than the CPU in many fields of science. String matching is widely used, especially in information retrieval, intrusion detection, Computational Biology etc. In this paper, we designed and implemented a GPU-based multi-string matching algorithm by improving traditional serial WM algorithm, called G-WM, which respectively is 12 and 11.2 times performance to serial WM algorithm using equal and Unequal length pattern sets.
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