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GPU-SD and DPD Parallelization for Gromacs tools for molecular dynamics simulations Download

GPU-SPARC: Accelerating Parallelism in Multi-GPU Real-Time Systems Download Package

GPU-Specfic Kalman Filtering and Retrodiction for Large-Scale Target Tracking Download

GPU-TLS: An Efficient Runtime for Speculative Loop Parallelization on GPUs Download

GPU-to-CPU callbacks Download

GPU-to-GPU and Host-to-Host multipattern string matching on a GPU Download

GPU: Power vs Performance Download

GPU’s for event reconstruction in the FairRoot framework Download Package

GPU/CPU Parallel Computation of Material Damage Download

GPUburn: A System to Test and Mitigate GPU Hardware Failures Download

GpuC: Data parallel language extension to CUDA Download

gpucc: an open-source GPGPU compiler Download

GPUCV: A Framework for Image Processing Acceleration with Graphics Processors Download Package

GpuCV: A GPU-Accelerated Framework for Image Processing and Computer Vision Download Package

GPUDet: A Deterministic GPU Architecture Download

GPUdmm: A High-Performance and Memory-Oblivious GPU Architecture Using Dynamic Memory Management Download

GPUdrive: Reconsidering Storage Accesses for GPU Acceleration Download

Gpufit: An open-source toolkit for GPU-accelerated curve fitting Download Package

GPUfs: Integrating a File System with GPUs Download

GPUGI: Global Illumination Effects on the GPU Download

GPUinspiral – a low-latency, high-performance implementation of the matched-filter gravitational wave search algorithm Download Package

GPULib: GPU Computing in High-Level Languages Package

GPUMap: A Transparently GPU-Accelerated Map Function Download

GPUMCD: a new GPU-oriented Monte Carlo dose calculation platform Download

GPUMLib: A new Library to combine Machine Learning algorithms with Graphics Processing Units Download Package

GPUmotif: An Ultra-Fast and Energy-Efficient Motif Analysis Program Using Graphics Processing Units Download Package

GPUMP: A Multiple-Precision Integer Library for GPUs

GPUQP: query co-processing using graphics processors Download Package

GPUQT: An efficient linear-scaling quantum transport code fully implemented on graphics processing units Download Package

GPURepair: Automated Repair of GPU Kernels Download Package

GPUs as an Opportunity for Offloading Garbage Collection Download

GPUs as Storage System Accelerators Download

GPUs for data processing in the MWA Download

GPUs for fast pattern matching in the RICH of the NA62 experiment

GPUs for fast triggering and pattern matching at the CERN experiment NA62 Download

GPUs for real-time processing in HEP trigger systems Download

GPUs, a New Tool of Acceleration in CFD: Efficiency and Reliability on Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Methods Download Package

GPUs: A Closer Look Download

GPUs: An Oasis in the Supercomputing Desert Download

gpuSPHASE – A shared memory caching implementation for 2D SPH using CUDA Download

gpustats: GPU Library for Statistical Computing in Python Download Package

GPUstore: Harnessing GPU Computing for Storage Systems in the OS Kernel Download Package

GPUSync: A Framework for Real-Time GPU Management Download Package

GPUSync: Architecture-Aware Management of GPUs for Predictable Multi-GPU Real-Time Systems Download Package

GPUTeraSort: high performance graphics co-processor sorting for large database management Download

GPUVerify: A Verifier for GPU Kernels Download Package

GPUvm: Why Not Virtualizing GPUs at the Hypervisor? Download

GpuWars: Design and Implementation of a GPGPU Game Download

GPUWattch: Enabling Energy Optimizations in GPGPUs Download

gR: A GPU-based Router Download

Grace: a Cross-platform Micromagnetic Simulator On Graphics Processing Units Download

GRace: a low-overhead mechanism for detecting data races in GPU programs Download

Gradient based dominant motion estimation with integral projections for real time video stabilisation Download

Graduate Operating Systems: Project Report Download

Granular visibility queries on the GPU Download

Graph Analysis with High-Performance Computing

Graph Coarsening and Clustering on the GPU Download Package

Graph Generation on GPUs using Dynamic Memory Allocation Download

Graph grammar based multi-frontal direct solver for isogeometric FEM simulations on GPU Download

Graph Processing on GPU Download

Graph Processing on GPUs: A Survey Download

Graph-based Parallel Analysis of Large Analog Circuits Based on GPU Platforms Download

Graph-Based Substructure Pattern Mining Using CUDA Dynamic Parallelism Download

GraphBLAST: A High-Performance Linear Algebra-based Graph Framework on the GPU Download Package

Graphic Processing Unit Simulation of Axon Growth and Guidance through Cue Diffusion on Massively Parallel Processors Download

Graphic processing unit-accelerated mutual information-based 3D image rigid registration Download

Graphic processors to speed-up simulations for the design of high performance solar receptors Download Package

Graphic-Card Cluster for Astrophysics (GraCCA) – Performance Tests Download

Graphic-Processing-Units Based Adaptive Parameter Estimation of a Visual Psychophysical Model Download

Graphical Asian Options Download

Graphical future Download

Graphical processing unit implementation of an integrated shape-based active contour: Application to digital pathology Download

Graphical Processing Units (GPU) acceleration of finite-difference frequency-domain (FDFD) technique

Graphical Processing Units (GPU)-based modeling for Acoustic and Ultrasonic NDE Download

Graphical Processing Units for Quantum Chemistry Download

Graphics Card as a Cheap Supercomputer Download Package

Graphics hardware & GPU computing: past, present, and future

Graphics Hardware based Efficient and Scalable Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Download

Graphics Hardware Implementation of the Parameter-Less Self-organising Map Download

Graphics Hardware-Based Level-Set Method for Interactive Segmentation and Visualization Download

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Implementation Methodology of AERMOD Model

Graphics processing unit (GPU) programming strategies and trends in GPU computing Download

Graphics processing unit accelerated non-uniform fast Fourier transform for ultrahigh-speed, real-time Fourier-domain OCT Download

Graphics Processing Unit Accelerated O(N) Micromagnetic Solver Download

Graphics Processing Unit Acceleration of the Explicit Solution of the Time Domain Volume Integral Equation Using OpenACC Download

Graphics Processing Unit acceleration of the Random Phase Approximation in the projector augmented wave method Download Package

Graphics Processing Unit Audio Signals Processing in Pure Data and PdCUDA an Implementation with the CUDA Runtime API Download

Graphics Processing Unit based searching the critical slip surface of slopes by the Vector Sum Analysis Method Download

Graphics Processing Unit Bloom Filters: Classical and Probabilistic Download

Graphics processing unit implementation of lattice Boltzmann models for flowing soft systems

Graphics processing unit implementations of relative expression analysis algorithms enable dramatic computational speedup Package

Graphics processing unit parallel accelerated solution of the discrete ordinates for photon transport in biological tissues

Graphics Processing Unit Utilization in Circuit Simulation Download

Graphics processing unit–accelerated holography by simulated annealing

Graphics Processing Unit-Accelerated Quantitative Trait Loci Detection Download

Graphics Processing Unit-Based Computer-Aided Design Algorithms for Electronic Design Automation Download

Graphics Processing Units and Genetic Programming: An overview Download

Graphics Processing Units and High-Dimensional Optimization Download

Graphics Processing Units for Handhelds Download

Graphics Processing Units for the Real-time Linear Elastostatic Simulation of Liver Download


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