Fast MPEG-CDVS Encoder with GPU-CPU Hybrid Computing

Lingyu Duan, Wei Sun, Xinfeng Zhang, Jie Chen, Jianxiong Yin, Simon See, Tiejun Huang, Alex C. Kot, Wen Gao
School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Institute of Digital Media, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China
arXiv:1705.09776 [cs.MM], (27 May 2017)


   title={Fast MPEG-CDVS Encoder with GPU-CPU Hybrid Computing},

   author={Duan, Lingyu and Sun, Wei and Zhang, Xinfeng and Chen, Jie and Yin, Jianxiong and See, Simon and Huang, Tiejun and Kot, Alex C. and Gao, Wen},






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The compact descriptors for visual search (CDVS) standard from ISO/IEC moving pictures experts group (MPEG) has succeeded in enabling the interoperability for efficient and effective image retrieval by standardizing the bitstream syntax of compact feature descriptors. However, the intensive computation of CDVS encoder unfortunately hinders its widely deployment in industry for large-scale visual search. In this paper, we revisit the merits of low complexity design of CDVS core techniques and present a very fast CDVS encoder by leveraging the massive parallel execution resources of GPU. We elegantly shift the computation-intensive and parallel-friendly modules to the state-of-the-arts GPU platforms, in which the thread block allocation and the memory access are jointly optimized to eliminate performance loss. In addition, those operations with heavy data dependence are allocated to CPU to resolve the extra but non-necessary computation burden for GPU. Furthermore, we have demonstrated the proposed fast CDVS encoder can work well with those convolution neural network approaches which has harmoniously leveraged the advantages of GPU platforms, and yielded significant performance improvements. Comprehensive experimental results over benchmarks are evaluated, which has shown that the fast CDVS encoder using GPU-CPU hybrid computing is promising for scalable visual search.
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