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Computational modeling of synthetic microbial biofilms Download

Computational Modelling of Galaxy Formation using FLAME GPU Download Package

Computational Optimization of a Time-Domain Beamforming Algorithm Using CPU and GPU Download

Computational Physics on Graphics Processing Units Download

Computational Simulation of Freely Falling Water Droplets on Graphics Processing Units Download

Computational stereo camera system with programmable control loop Download

Computational wave optics library for C++: CWO++ library Download

Computationally Efficient Algorithms for Evaluation of Statistical Descriptors Download

Computationally Efficient Implementation of a Hamming Code Decoder using a Graphics Processing Unit Download

Computationally Efficient Tsunami Modelling on Graphics Processing Units (GPU) Download

Compute Distance Matrices with GPU Download

Compute Pairwise Manhattan Distance and Pearson Correlation Coefficient of Data Points with GPU Download

Compute Unified Device Architecture Application Suitability

Compute-unified device architecture implementation of a block-matching algorithm for multiple graphical processing unit cards Download

Computer Finit-Difference Time-Domain Simulation of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation using GPUs Download

Computer Finite-Difference Time-Domain Simulation of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation using GPUs Download

Computer generated holography using parallel commodity graphics hardware Download

Computer Graphics: From Pixels to Programmable Graphics Hardware Download

Computer Simulation of Dark Matter Effects on Galaxy Rotation Download

Computer Simulation of Saturn’s Ring Structure Download Package

Computer Tomography and Ultrasonography Image Registration Based on the Cooperation of GPU and CPU Download

Computer Vision Accelerators for Mobile Systems based on OpenCL GPGPU Co-Processing Download

Computer Vision and Image Segmentation Implemented on GPU Using Compute Unified Device Architecture as Applied on Quality Inspection of Pre-etched Printed Circuit Board Download

Computer Vision Application in Graphic Processors Download

Computer vision based geometric calibration in curved multi-projector displays Download

Computer vision for continuous plankton monitoring Download

Computer Vision Models in Surveillance Robotics Download

Computer Vision on the GPU — Tools, Algorithms and Frameworks Download

Computer vision signal processing on graphics processing units Download

Computer-Generated Marbling Textures: A GPU-Based Design System Download

Computing 2D Alpha Shapes Using GPU Download Package

Computing Best Possible Pseudo-Solutions to Interval Linear Systems of Equations Download

Computing dynamics of thin films via large scale GPU-based simulations Download

Computing finite models using free Boolean generators Download Package

Computing High Resolution Explicit Corridor Maps using Parallel Technologies Download Package

Computing least squares condition numbers on hybrid multicore/GPU systems Download

Computing Nash Equilibria in Bimatrix Games: GPU-based Parallel Support Enumeration Download

Computing of high breakdown regression estimators without sorting on graphics processing units Download

Computing on Knights and Kepler Architectures Download

Computing OpenSURF on OpenCL and General Purpose GPU Download

Computing optical flow using fast total variation Download

Computing Optimal Cycle Mean in Parallel on CUDA Download

Computing Performance Benchmarks among CPU, GPU, and FPGA Download

Computing Prestack Kirchhoff Time Migration on General Purpose GPU

Computing Privacy-Preserving Edit Distance and Smith-Waterman Problems on the GPU Architecture Download

Computing Reachable Sets via Barrier Methods on SIMD Architectures Download

Computing resultants on Graphics Processing Units: Towards GPU-accelerated computer algebra Download

Computing room acoustics with CUDA – 3D FDTD schemes with boundary losses and viscosity Download

Computing room acoustics with CUDA-3D FDTD schemes with boundary losses and viscosity Download

Computing Spatial Distance Histograms for Large Scientific Datasets On-the-Fly Download

Computing Spectral Transforms Used in Digital Logic on the GPU Download

Computing spike-based convolutions on GPUs Download

Computing Strongly Connected Components in Parallel on CUDA Download

Computing Strongly Connected Components with CUDA Download Package

Computing the distance between two finite element solutions defined on different 3D meshes on a GPU Download Package

Computing the Mertens function on a GPU Download

Computing Treewidth on the GPU Download Package

Computing trends using graphic processor in high energy physics Download

Computing virtual acoustics using the 3D finite difference time domain method and Kepler architecture GPUs Download

Computing without processors Download

Computitional intensive Tasks in Multimedia Signal Processing Download

Compyle: a Python package for parallel computing Download Package

Concurrent Algorithms and Data Structures for Many-Core Processors Download

Concurrent Analytical Query Processing with GPUs Download

Concurrent GPU Programming Download

Concurrent kernel execution on Graphic Processing Units Download

Concurrent learning of a Probabilistic Graphical Model on the GPU Download

Concurrent Manipulation of Dynamic Data Structures in OpenCL Download Package

Concurrent Number Cruncher: An Efficient Sparse Linear Solver on the GPU Download

Concurrent query processing in a GPU-based database system Download Package

Concurrent Solutions to Linear Systems using Hybrid CPU/GPU Nodes Download

Concurrent Task Execution on the Intel Xeon Phi Download

Conditional component composition for GPU-based systems Download

Cone-beam Computed tomography image reconstruction based on GPU Download

Confidentiality Issues on a GPU in a Virtualized Environment Download

Configuration and Benchmarks of Peer-to-Peer Communication over Gigabit Ethernet and InfiniBand in a Cluster with Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors Download

Conflux: Embedding Massively Parallel Semantics in a High-Level Programming Language Download Package

Conjugate gradient solvers on Intel Xeon Phi and NVIDIA GPUs Download

Connected component identification and cluster update on GPU Download

Connected component labeling on a 2D grid using CUDA Download

Connected-component identification and cluster update on graphics processing units Download

Connecting Architecture, Fitness, Optimizations and Performance using an Anisotropic Diffusion Filter Download

Connectivity-Based Segmentation for GPU-Accelerated Mesh Decompression Download

Considerations when evaluating microprocessor platforms Download

Considering GPGPU for HPC Centers: Is It Worth the Effort? Download

Consolidating Applications for Energy Efficiency in Heterogeneous Computing Systems Download

Constrained inverse volume rendering for planetary nebulae Download

Constraint Fluids on GPU Download

Constraint-based LN-curves Download

Constructing Long Short-Term Memory based Deep Recurrent Neural Networks for Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition Download

Constructing Natural Neighbor Interpolation Based Grid DEM Using CUDA Download

Constructing Two-Dimensional Voronoi Diagrams via Divide-and-Conquer of Envelopes in Space Download

Constructing Two-Dimensional Voronoi Diagrams via Divide-and-Conquer of Envelopes in Space (thesis) Download

Construction and Implementation of a Simple Agent-Based System on GPU-Architectures Download

Construction and Rendering of Trimmed Blending Surfaces with Sharp Features on a GPU Download

Construction of a Virtual Cluster by Integrating PCI Pass-Through for GPU and InfiniBand Virtualization in Cloud Download

Construction of Efficient Kd-Trees for Static Scenes Using Voxel-visibility Heuristic Download

Content Based Image Retrieval with Graphical Processing Unit Download

Context-aware volume navigation

Continual surface-based multi-projector blending for moving objects Download


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