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Comparative Evaluation of Binary Features Download

Comparative evaluation of platforms for parallel Ant Colony Optimization Download

Comparative Performance Analysis of Intel Xeon Phi, GPU, and CPU Download

Comparative Study of Caffe, Neon, Theano, and Torch for Deep Learning Download

Comparative Study of Frequent Itemset Mining Techniques on Graphics Processor Download

Comparative Study of High Performance Computing Using Multi-core Parallel Systems Download

Comparative study of parallel programming models for multicore computing Download

Comparative Study of the Parallelization of the Smith-Waterman Algorithm on OpenMP and Cuda C Download

Comparing CUDA and OpenGL implementations for a Jacobi iteration Download

Comparing CUDA, OpenCL and OpenGL Implementations of the Cardiac Monodomain Equations Download

Comparing Energy Efficiency of CPU, GPU and FPGA Implementations for Vision Kernels Download Package

Comparing FPGAs to Graphics Accelerators and the Playstation 2 Using a Unified Source Description Download

Comparing GPU and CPU in OLAP Cubes Creation

Comparing GPU-based multi-volume ray casting techniques

Comparing Hardware Accelerators in Scientific Applications: A Case Study

Comparing Intra- and Inter-Processor Parallelism on Multi-Core Cell Processors for Scientific Simulations Download

Comparing Linear and Convex Relaxations for Stereo and Motion Download

Comparing Llama-2 and GPT-3 LLMs for HPC kernels generation Download Package

Comparing Many-Core Accelerator Frameworks Download

Comparing Parallel Hardware Architectures for Visually Guided Robot Navigation Download

Comparing Parallel Simulation of Social Agents using Cilk and OpenCL Download

Comparing performance and energy efficiency of FPGAs and GPUs for high productivity computing Download

Comparing Performance and Portability between CUDA and SYCL for Protein Database Search on NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel GPUs Download

Comparing Programmer Productivity in OpenACC and CUDA: an Empirical Investigation Download Package

Comparing SYCL data transfer strategies for tracking use cases Download

Comparing the Performance of Different x86 SIMD Instruction Sets for a Medical Imaging Application on Modern Multi- and Manycore Chips Download

Comparing the Power and Performance of Intel’s SCC to State-of-the-Art CPUs and GPUs Download

Comparing the Treecode with FMM on GPUs for vortex particle simulations of a leapfrogging vortex ring Download

Comparing Two Generations of Embedded GPUs Running a Feature Detection Algorithm Download

Comparison and Analysis of GPGPU and Parallel Computing on Multi-Core CPU Download

Comparison and Analysis of GPU Energy Effciency For CUDA and OpenCL Download

Comparison and Analysis of GPU Energy Efficiency For CUDA and OpenCL Download

Comparison based sorting for systems with multiple GPUs Download

Comparison between GPU and parallel CPU optimizations in viewshed analysis Download

Comparison of Cilk, Kaapi and CUDA for the Jacobi Method Download

Comparison of CPML Implementations for the GPU-Accelerated FDTD Solver Download

Comparison of Different Parallel Implementaions of the 2+1-Dimensional KPZ Model and the 3-Dimensional KMC Model Download

Comparison of FPGA and GPU implementations of real-time stereo vision Download

Comparison of Fragmentation/Dispersion Models for Asteroid Nuclear Disruption Mission Design Download

Comparison of GPU Architectures for Asynchronous Communication with Finite-Differencing Applications Download

Comparison of HPC Architectures for Computing All-Pairs Shortest Paths. Intel Xeon Phi KNL vs NVIDIA Pascal Download Package

Comparison of Hybrid Sorting Algorithms Implemented on Different Parallel Hardware Platforms Download

Comparison of OpenCL performance on different platforms using VexCL and Blaze Download

Comparison of OpenMP & OpenCL Parallel Processing Technologies Download

Comparison of OpenMP and OpenCL Parallel Processing Technologies Download

Comparison of parallel sorting algorithms Download

Comparison of Parallelisation Approaches, Languages, and Compilers for Unstructured Mesh Algorithms on GPUs Download

Comparison of Random Number Generators in Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Download

Comparison of Rectangular Matrix Multiplication with and without Border Conditions Download

Comparison of several parallel API for cloth modelling on modern GPUs

Comparison of SPMV performance on matrices with different matrix format using CUSP, cuSPARSE and ViennaCL Download

Comparison of Technologies for General-Purpose Computing on Graphics Processing Units Download

Comparison of Thread Execution Methods for GPU-oriented OpenCL Programs on Multicore Processors Download

COMPASS: a programmable data prefetcher using idle GPU shaders Download

Compensated Visual Hull for Defective Segmentation and Occlusion Download

Compensated Visual Hull with GPU-Based Optimization Download

Compensating Indirect Scattering for Immersive and Semi-Immersive Projection Displays Download

Competing computational approaches to reaction-diffusion equations in clusters of cells Download

Compilation and Design Space Exploration of Dataflow Programs for Heterogeneous CPU-GPU Platforms Download Package

Compilation for Heterogeneous Computing: Automating Analyses, Transformations and Decisions Download Package

Compilation techniques and language support to facilitate dependence-driven computation Download

Compile-time GPU memory access optimizations Download

Compiler and runtime support for enabling generalized reduction computations on heterogeneous parallel configurations Download

Compiler and runtime techniques for bulk-synchronous programming models on CPU architectures Download

Compiler Assisted Runtime Adaptation Download

Compiler Fuzzing through Deep Learning Download Package

Compiler optimizations for directive-based programming for accelerators Download

Compiler Optimizations for Industrial Unstructured Mesh CFD Applications on GPUs Download

Compiler Optimizations for SIMD/GPU/Multicore Architectures Download

Compiler support for general-purpose computation on GPUs

Compiler Support for High-level GPU Programming Download Package

Compiler Technologies in Deep Learning Co-Design: A Survey Download Package

Compiler-assisted distribution of OpenMP code for improved scalability Download Package

Compiler-Assisted Workload Consolidation For Efficient Dynamic Parallelism on GPU Download

Compiler-based Data Prefetching and Streaming Non-temporal Store Generation for the Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor Download

Compiler-Based Tools to Aid in Data Transfer Optimization and On-Chip Debug of Heterogeneous Compute Systems Download

Compiler-directed memory management for heterogeneous MPSoCs Download

Compiler-Driven Performance on Heterogeneous Computing Platforms Download

Compiler-Level Explicit Cache for a GPGPU Programming Framework Download

CompilerGym: Robust, Performant Compiler Optimization Environments for AI Research Download Package

Compilers for Portable Programming of Heterogeneous Parallel & Approximate Computing Systems Download

Compiling a High-level Directive-Based Programming Model for GPGPUs Download

Compiling a high-level language for GPUs: (via language support for architectures and compilers) Download

Compiling an Array Language to a Graphics Processor Download

Compiling and Optimizing Java 8 Programs for GPU Execution Download

Compiling and Optimizing OpenMP 4.X Programs to OpenCL and SPIR Download Package

Compiling for a heterogeneous vector image processor Download

Compiling High Performance Recursive Filters Download

Compiling Parallel Functional Code with Data Parallel Idealised Algol Download

Compiling Python to a hybrid execution environment

Compiling Stream Applications for Heterogeneous Architectures Download

Complete PISO and SIMPLE solvers on Graphics Processing Units Download

Complexity Analysis and Algorithm Design for Reorganizing Data to Minimize Non-Coalesced Memory Accesses on GPU Download

Complexity effective memory access scheduling for many-core accelerator architectures Download

Composability of parallel codes on heterogeneous architectures Download

Composing multiple StarPU applications over heterogeneous machines: a supervised approach Download

Composition and Reuse with Compiled Domain-Specific Languages Download Package

Compositional Compilation for Sparse, Irregular Data Parallelism Download

Compositional Deep Learning in Futhark Download Package

Compound Word Transformer: Learning to Compose Full-Song Music over Dynamic Directed Hypergraphs Download Package


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