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CUDA Accelerated Robot Localization and Mapping Download

CUDA and OpenCL Implementations of 3D CT Reconstruction for Biomedical Imaging Download

CUDA and OpenCL-based asynchronous PSO Download

CUDA Application Design and Development Download

CUDA Based CAMshift Algorithm for Object Tracking Systems Download

CUDA Based Enhanced Differential Evolution: a Computational Analysis Download

CUDA Based Fast Implementation of Very Large Matrix Computation

CUDA Based GPU Programming to Simulate 3D Tissue Deformation

CUDA based iterative methods for linear systems Download

CUDA Based Multi Objective Parallel Genetic Algorithms: Adapting Evolutionary Algorithms for Document Searches Download

CUDA Based Performance Evaluation of the Computational Efficiency of the DCT Image Compression Technique on Both the CPU and GPU Download

CUDA Based Polyphase Filter Download Package

CUDA by Example: An Introduction to General-Purpose GPU Programming

CUDA Compatible GPU as an Efficient Hardware Accelerator for AES Cryptography Download

CUDA compatible GPU cards as efficient hardware accelerators for Smith-Waterman sequence alignment Download Package

CUDA cuts: Fast graph cuts on the GPU Download

CUDA Enhanced Filtering in a Pipelined Video Processing Framework Download

CUDA Enhanced Simulated Annealing for Chip Layout Problem

CUDA Expression Templates Download Package

CUDA Fortran for Scientists and Engineers Download

CUDA Implementation in the EM Scattering of a Three-Layer Canopy Download

CUDA Implementation of ${rm TE}^{z}$-FDTD Solution of Maxwell’s Equations in Dispersive Media Download

CUDA Implementation of a Lattice Boltzmann Method and Code Optimization Download

CUDA Implementation of Parallel Algorithms for Animal Noseprint Identification Download

CUDA implementation of the algorithm for simulating the epidemic spreading over large networks Download

CUDA implementation of the solution of a system of linear equations arising in an hp-Finite Element code Download

CUDA implementation of Wagener’s 2D convex hull PRAM algorithm Download

Cuda K-Nn: application to the segmentation of the retinal vasculature within SD-OCT volumes of mice Download

CUDA Kernel Design for GPU-Based Beam Dymanics Simulations Download

CUDA Kernel Design for GPU-Based Beam Dynamics Simulations Download

CUDA Leaks: Information Leakage in GPU Architectures Download

CUDA Memory Optimizations for Large Data-Structures in the Gravit Simulator

CUDA method for the FDTD simulation by GPU Download

CUDA optimization strategies for compute- and memory-bound neuroimaging algorithms Download

CUDA Parallel Algorithms for Forward and Inverse Structural Gravity Problems Download

CUDA performance analyzer Download

CUDA Programming: A Developer’s Guide to Parallel Computing with GPUs Download

CUDA programs for GPU computing of Swendsen-Wang multi-cluster spin flip algorithm: 2D and 3D Ising, Potts, and XY models Download

CUDA raytracing algorithm for visualizing discrete element model output Download Package

CUDA simulations of active dumbbell suspensions Download

CUDA-Accelerated Data-Mining for Putative Heteromeric Transcription Factors and Target Genes Using Microarray Gene Expression Profiles Download

CUDA-Accelerated Geodesic Ray-Tracing for Fiber Tracking Download

CUDA-Accelerated HD-ODETLAP: Lossy High Dimensional Gridded Data Compression Download

CUDA-accelerated Hierarchical K-means Download

CUDA-Accelerated ODETLAP: A Parallel Lossy Compression Implementation Download

CUDA-API-wrappers: Thin C++-flavored wrappers for the CUDA runtime API Package

CUDA-based acceleration and algorithm refinement for volume image registration

CUDA-based AES parallelization with fine-tuned GPU memory utilization

CUDA-based GPU Implementation of Hierarchical Belief Propagation for Fast Stereo Matching Download

CUDA-Based Jacobi’s Iterative Method

CUDA-Based Radiative Transfer Method with Application to the EM Scattering from a Two-Layer Canopy Model

CUDA-based real time surgery simulation Download

CUDA-based Signed Distance Field Calculation for Adaptive Grids

CUDA-BLASTP: Accelerating BLASTP on CUDA-Enabled Graphics Hardware Package

CUDA-C implementation of the ADER-DG method for linear hyperbolic PDEs Download

CUDA-enabled LBM Flow Simulation around Three Equilateral Cylinders using GPU Computing Processor Download

CUDA-enabled Optimisation of Technical Analysis Parameters Download

CUDA-level performance with python-level productivity for Gaussian mixture model applications Download

CUDA-Lite: Reducing GPU programming complexity Download

CUDA-MEME: Accelerating Motif Discovery in Biological Sequences Using CUDA-enabled Graphics Processing Units

CUDA-OpenGL Interoperability to Visualize Electromagnetic Fields Calculated by FDTD Download

CUDA-Zero: a framework for porting shared memory GPU applications to multi-GPUs Download

CUDA: Scalable parallel programming for high-performance scientific computing Download

cudaBayesreg: Parallel Implementation of a Bayesian Multilevel Model for fMRI Data Analysis Download Package

CudaChain: A Practical GPU-accelerated 2D Convex Hull Algorithm Download

CUDACL: A tool for CUDA and OpenCL programmers Download

CUDACLAW: a Data Parallel Solution Framework for Hyperbolic PDEs Download

CUDACS: securing the cloud with CUDA-enabled secure virtualization Download

CudaDMA: Optimizing GPU Memory Bandwidth via Warp Specialization Download Package

CUDAEASY – a GPU Accelerated Cosmological Lattice Program Download Package

CudaGIS: Report on the Design and Realization of a Massive Data Parallel GIS on GPUs Download

Cudagrind: A Valgrind Extension for CUDA Download Package

CudaHull: Fast Parallel 3D Convex Hull on the GPU Download

CUDAICA: GPU optimization of Infomax-ICA EEG analysis Download Package

CUDAlign: using GPU to accelerate the comparison of megabase genomic sequences

cudaMap: a GPU accelerated program for gene expression connectivity mapping Download Package

CudaRF: A CUDA-based Implementation of Random Forests Download

CUDArray: CUDA-based NumPy Download Package

CUDASA: Compute Unified Device and Systems Architecture Download

CUDASW++ 2.0: enhanced Smith-Waterman protein database search on CUDA-enabled GPUs based on SIMT and virtualized SIMD abstractions Download Package

CUDASW++ 3.0: accelerating Smith-Waterman protein database search by coupling CPU and GPU SIMD instructions Download Package

CUDASW++: optimizing Smith-Waterman sequence database searches for CUDA-enabled graphics processing units Download Package

cuDNN: Efficient Primitives for Deep Learning Download

CUDT: A CUDA Based Decision Tree Algorithm Download

Cue-independent extending inverse kinematics for robust pose estimation in 3D point clouds Download

CUED-RNNLM – An Open-Source Toolkit for Efficient Training and Evaluation of Recurrent Neural Network Language Models Download Package

cufftShift: High Performance CUDA-accelerated FFT-shift Library Download Package

CUgrep: A GPU-based high performance multi-string matching system

cuGWAM: Genome-wide association multifactor dimensionality reduction using CUDA-enabled high-performance graphics processing unit Package

CuHMMer: A load-balanced CPU-GPU cooperative bioinformatics application Download

cuIBM — A GPU-accelerated Immersed Boundary Method Download

cuInspiral: prototype gravitational waves detection pipeline fully coded on GPU using CUDA Download

CUKNN: A parallel implementation of K-nearest neighbor on CUDA-enabled GPU Download

CULA: hybrid GPU accelerated linear algebra routines Download Package

cuLGT: Lattice Gauge Fixing on GPUs Download Package

CULLIDE: interactive collision detection between complex models in large environments using graphics hardware Download

CuMAPz: a tool to analyze memory access patterns in CUDA Download

CuMF_SGD: Fast and Scalable Matrix Factorization Download Package

CuMF: scale matrix factorization using just ONE machine with GPUs Download

CuNesl: Compiling Nested Data-Parallel Languages for SIMT Architectures Download


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