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CosmoFlow: Using Deep Learning to Learn the Universe at Scale Download Package

Cosmological Calculations on the GPU Download Package

Cost Efficient PageRank Computation using GPU Download

Cost-aware function migration in heterogeneous systems

Cost-effective low-power graphics processing unit for handheld devices Download

Cost-effective medical image reconstruction: from clusters to graphics processing units

Cost-Effective Soft-Error Protection for SRAM-Based Structures in GPGPUs Download

COTS cluster-based sort-last rendering: performance evaluation and pipelined implementation Download

Coulomb and Landau Gauge Fixing in GPUs using CUDA and MILC Download

Coulomb, Landau and Maximally Abelian Gauge Fixing in Lattice QCD with Multi-GPUs Download

Count Sort for GPU Computing

Counting and Occurrence Sort for GPUs using an Embedded Language Download Package

Counting Triangles in Large Graphs on GPU Download Package

Coupled Vlasov and two-fluid codes on GPUs Download

Coupler Design and Optimization by GPU-Accelerated DG-FEM Download

Coupling a Generalized DEM and an SPH Models Under a Heterogeneous Massively Parallel Framework Download

Coupling between Meshless FEM Modeling and Rendering on GPU for Real-time Physically-based Volumetric Deformation Download

Coupling Lattice Boltzmann Gas and Level Set Method for Simulating Free Surface Flow in GPU/CUDA Environment Download

COVRA: A compression-domain output-sensitive volume rendering architecture based on a sparse representation of voxel blocks Download

cphVB: A System for Automated Runtime Optimization and Parallelization of Vectorized Applications Download Package

CPU and GPU Co-processing for Sound Download Package

CPU and GPU Implementation of QCD by using OpenCL Download

CPU and/or GPU: Revisiting the GPU Vs. CPU Myth Download

CPU-GPU Algorithms for Triangular Surface Mesh Simplification Download

CPU-GPU Collaboration for Output Quality Monitoring Download

CPU-GPU hybrid accelerating the Zuker algorithm for RNA secondary structure prediction application Download

CPU-GPU Hybrid Parallel Binomial American Option Pricing Download

CPU, GPU and FPGA Implementations of MALD: Ceramic Tile Surface Defects Detection Algorithm Download

CPU, SMP and GPU implementations of Nohalo level 1, a fast co-convex antialiasing image resampler Download

CPU/GPGPU/HW comparison of an Eigenfaces face recognition system Download

CPU/GPU computing for long-wave radiation physics on large GPU clusters Download

CPUless PCs inside networked control systems Download

Crack-free rendering of dynamically tesselated B-Rep models Download

Cracks in the Sky: Abelian-Higgs Cosmic String Evolution with CUDA Download

Crane – Fast and Migratable GPU Passthrough for OpenCL applications Download

Creating HW/SW co-designed MPSoPC’s from high level programming models Download

Creating Optimal Code for GPU-Accelerated CT Reconstruction Using Ant Colony Optimization Download

Creation and control of rain in virtual environments

CRINK: Automatic CUDA code generation for affine C programs Download

Critical Comparison of the Classification Ability of Deep Convolutional Neural Network Frameworks with Support Vector Machine Techniques in the Image Classification Process Download Package

Critical Links Detection using CUDA Download

Criticality of the XY model in complex topologies Download

Cropped Quad-Tree Based Solid Object Colouring with CUDA Download

Cross Teaching Parallelism and Ray Tracing: A Project-based Approach to Teaching Applied Parallel Computing Download

Cross-Compiling Shading Languages Download

Cross-Platform OpenCL Code and Performance Portability for CPU and GPU Architectures Investigated with a Climate and Weather Physics Model Download

CrowdCL: Web-Based Volunteer Computing with WebCL Download Package

CRUM: Checkpoint-Restart Support for CUDA’s Unified Memory Download

Cryptanalysis of the Full AES Using GPU-Like Special-Purpose Hardware Download

Cryptanalysis of the McEliece Cryptosystem on GPGPUs Download

CryptoGraphics: Secret Key Cryptography Using Graphics Cards Download

Cryptography on Graphics Processing Unit: A Survey Download

CrystalGPU: Transparent and Efficient Utilization of GPU Power Download Package

CSR5: An Efficient Storage Format for Cross-Platform Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication Download Package

CST: Constructive Solid Trimming for Rendering BReps and CSG Download

CT image reconstruction using hexagonal grids Download

CT image reconstruction with half precision floating-point values Download

CT to Cone-beam CT Deformable Registration With Simultaneous Intensity Correction Download

CU2CL: A CUDA-to-OpenCL Translator for Multi-and Many-core Architectures Download

CU2rCU: A CUDA-to-rCUDA Converter Download

CuBA – a CUDA implementation of BAMPS Download

cuBLASTP: Fine-Grained Parallelization of Protein Sequence Search on a GPU Download

CUBPT: Lock-free bulk insertions to B+ tree on GPU architecture Download

CUD@ASP: Experimenting with GPUs in ASP solving Download

CUD@SAT: SAT Solving on GPUs Download Package

CUDA 2D Stencil Computations for the Jacobi Method Download

CUDA Accelerated Entropy Constrained Vector Quantization and Multiple K-Means Download

CUDA Accelerated Face Recognition Using Local Binary Patterns Download

CUDA accelerated iris template matching on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) Download

CUDA accelerated large scale vehicular area network simulator Download

CUDA Accelerated LTL Model Checking Download

CUDA Accelerated Robot Localization and Mapping Download

CUDA and OpenCL Implementations of 3D CT Reconstruction for Biomedical Imaging Download

CUDA and OpenCL-based asynchronous PSO Download

CUDA Application Design and Development Download

CUDA Based CAMshift Algorithm for Object Tracking Systems Download

CUDA Based Enhanced Differential Evolution: a Computational Analysis Download

CUDA Based Fast Implementation of Very Large Matrix Computation

CUDA Based GPU Programming to Simulate 3D Tissue Deformation

CUDA based iterative methods for linear systems Download

CUDA Based Multi Objective Parallel Genetic Algorithms: Adapting Evolutionary Algorithms for Document Searches Download

CUDA Based Performance Evaluation of the Computational Efficiency of the DCT Image Compression Technique on Both the CPU and GPU Download

CUDA Based Polyphase Filter Download Package

CUDA by Example: An Introduction to General-Purpose GPU Programming

CUDA Compatible GPU as an Efficient Hardware Accelerator for AES Cryptography Download

CUDA compatible GPU cards as efficient hardware accelerators for Smith-Waterman sequence alignment Download Package

CUDA cuts: Fast graph cuts on the GPU Download

CUDA Enhanced Filtering in a Pipelined Video Processing Framework Download

CUDA Enhanced Simulated Annealing for Chip Layout Problem

CUDA Expression Templates Download Package

CUDA Fortran for Scientists and Engineers Download

CUDA Implementation in the EM Scattering of a Three-Layer Canopy Download

CUDA Implementation of ${rm TE}^{z}$-FDTD Solution of Maxwell’s Equations in Dispersive Media Download

CUDA Implementation of a Lattice Boltzmann Method and Code Optimization Download

CUDA Implementation of Parallel Algorithms for Animal Noseprint Identification Download

CUDA implementation of the algorithm for simulating the epidemic spreading over large networks Download

CUDA implementation of the solution of a system of linear equations arising in an hp-Finite Element code Download

CUDA implementation of Wagener’s 2D convex hull PRAM algorithm Download

Cuda K-Nn: application to the segmentation of the retinal vasculature within SD-OCT volumes of mice Download

CUDA Kernel Design for GPU-Based Beam Dymanics Simulations Download


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