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ValuePack: value-based scheduling framework for CPU-GPU clusters Download

Variable Bit Rate GPU Texture Decompression Download

Variable selection in a GPU cluster using delta test Download

Variants of Jump Flooding Algorithm for Computing Discrete Voronoi Diagrams Download

Variants of Mersenne Twister Suitable for Graphic Processors Download Package

Variational Bayesian Image Super-Resolution with GPU Acceleration Download

Various String Matching Algorithms for DNA Sequences to Detect Breast Cancer using CUDA Processors Download

VASP on a GPU: application to exact-exchange calculations of the stability of elemental boron Download

vCUDA Framework Development for GPU Virtualization Download Package

vCUDA: GPU accelerated high performance computing in virtual machines

VDBSCAN+: Performance Optimization Based on GPU Parallelism Download

Vector and Line Quantization for Billion-scale Similarity Search on GPUs Download

Vector graphics depicting marbling flow Download

Vector Quantization: A Many-Core Approach Download

Vectorization of Hybrid Breadth First Search on the Intel Xeon Phi Download

Vectorized algorithm for multidimensional Monte Carlo integration on modern GPU, CPU and MIC architectures Download

Vectorized Higher Order Finite Difference Kernels Download

Vectorized OpenCL implementation of numerical integration for higher order finite elements Download

Vendors Draw up a New Graphics-Hardware Approach

Vergence Using GPU Cepstral Filtering Download

Verifiable Computation with Massively Parallel Interactive Proofs Download Package

Verification of GPU Program Optimizations in Lean Download Package

Verification of Producer-Consumer Synchronization in GPU Programs Download Package

Verification of Program Parallelization Download

Verified Instruction-Level Energy Consumption Measurement for NVIDIA GPUs Download

Verifying CUDA Programs using SMT-Based Context-Bounded Model Checking Download Package

Verifying GPU Kernels by Test Amplification Download

VertexAPI2 – A Vertex-Program API for Large Graph Computations on the GPU Download Package

Very fast ellipse detection using GPU-based RHT Download

Very Fast Non-Dominated Sorting Download

VHF SAR image formation implemented on a GPU

Viability of Feature Detection on Sony Xperia Z3 using OpenCL Download Package

Video architecture and real-time lighting technology for tangible teleconference Download

Video Coding on Multicore Graphics Processors Download

Video coding on multicore graphics processors (GPUs) Download

Videogame Graphics, BigData & Analytics Download

View-dependent exploration of massive volumetric models on large-scale light field displays Download

View-Dependent Real-Time Rendering of Large Outdoor Scenes Download

View-Dependent Streamlines for 3D Vector Fields Download

Viewpoints: A high-performance high-dimensional exploratory data analysis tool Download Package

VirtCL: a framework for OpenCL device abstraction and management Download

Virtual open heart surgery: obtaining models suitable for surgical simulation. Download

Virtual Rheoscopic Fluids Download

Virtual Texturing with WebGL Download

Virtual Viewpoint Disparity Estimation and Convergence Check for Real-Time View Synthesis Download

Virtualization and Migration with GPGPUs Download

Virtualizing Data Parallel Systems for Portability, Productivity, and Performance Download

Virtualizing Deep Neural Networks for Memory-Efficient Neural Network Design Download Package

Visibility Cuts: A System for Rendering Dynamic Virtual Environments Download

Visibility Sampling on GPU and Applications Download

Vision based Navigation (VBN) of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Download

Vispark: GPU-Accelerated Distributed Visual Computing Using Spark Download

VisPy: Harnessing The GPU For Fast, High-Level Visualization Download Package

Visual Analysis Algorithms for Embedded Systems Download

Visual Computing in Biology and Medicine: Interactive visual analysis of contrast-enhanced ultrasound data based on small neighborhood statistics

Visual cortex on the GPU: Biologically inspired classifier and feature descriptor for rapid recognition Download

Visual Data Mining Using the Point Distribution Tensor Download

Visual Human – Machine Learning Download

Visual Performance Analysis of Memory Behavior in a Task-Based Runtime on Hybrid Platforms Download

Visual Signatures in Video Visualization Download

Visual Simulation of Breaking Waves in Shallow Water

Visual Simulation of Flow Download

Visual Simulation of Heat Shimmering and Mirage Download

Visual simulation of shockwaves Download

Visual simulation of thermal fluid dynamics in a pressurized water reactor Download

Visual system design for excavator simulator with deformable terrain

Visual-model-based, real-time 3D pose tracking for autonomous navigation: methodology and experiments

Visual, Spatial and Temporal Quality in Video-Based Reconstruction of People: Achieving, Prototyping and Evaluating Download

Visualisation of Physical Lung Simulation: an Interactive Application to Assist Physicians Download

Visualising Interfaces in Scalar and Vector Field-Model Simulations Download

Visualising spins and clusters in regular and small-world Ising models with GPUs Download

Visualization and Analysis of GPU Summer School Applicants and Participants

Visualization and Correction of Automated Segmentation, Tracking and Lineaging from 5-D Stem Cell Image Sequences Download

Visualization and GPU-accelerated simulation of medical ultrasound from CT images Download

Visualization assisted by parallel processing Download

Visualization in the Einstein Year 2005: a case study on explanatory and illustrative visualization of relativity and astrophysics Download

Visualization of Astronomical Nebulae via Distributed Multi-GPU Compressed Sensing Tomography Download

Visualization of Fibrous and Thread-like Data Download

Visualization of large multidimensional data sets by using multi-core CPU, GPU and MPI cluster Download

Visualization of Large Volumetric Multi-Channel Microscopy Data Streams on Standard PCs Download

Visualization of level-of-detail meshes on the GPU

Visualization of LIDAR datasets using point-based rendering technique

Visualization of OpenCL Application Execution on CPU-GPU Systems Download

Visualization of Pareto Solutions by Spherical Self-Organizing Map and It’s acceleration on a GPU Download

Visualization of structured nonuniform grids Download

Visualization Tool for GPGPU Programming Download

Visualization with stylized line primitives Download

Visualizing and Analyzing the Mona Lisa

Visualizing complex dynamics in many-core accelerator architectures Download

Visualizing Complex Functions Using GPUs Download Package

Visualizing Multiwavelength Astrophysical Data

Visualizing the Radiation of the Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability Download Package

Visualizing Trends on Twitter Download

Vivaldi: A Domain-Specific Language for Volume Processing and Visualization on Distributed Heterogeneous Systems Download

Vlasov on GPU (VOG Project) Download

VOCL: An Optimized Environment for Transparent Virtualization of Graphics Processing Units Download

Voice Command Recognition with Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) using Graphics Processing Units (GPU) with Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA)

VolQD: Direct Volume Rendering of Multi-million Atom Quantum Dot Simulations Download

Volume and Isosurface Rendering with GPU-Accelerated Cell Projection Download

Volume exploration using ellipsoidal Gaussian transfer functions Download


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