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When Machine Learning Meets Quantum Computers: A Case Study Download

Where is the data? Why you cannot debate CPU vs. GPU performance without the answer Download

Whippletree: Task-based Scheduling of Dynamic Workloads on the GPU Download Package

Whole-function vectorization Download

Why does PHM matter? – Nvidia’s GPU problems reviewed

Why is FPGA-GPU Heterogeneity the Best Option for Embedded Deep Neural Networks? Download

Why it is time for a HyPE: A Hybrid Query Processing Engine for Efficient GPU Coprocessing in DBMS Download

Wideband Channelization for Software-Defined Radio via Mobile Graphics Processors Download

Wilson and Domainwall Kernels on Oakforest-PACS Download Package

Winograd Algorithm for AdderNet Download

Wire Speed Name Lookup: A GPU-based Approach Download

Wireless Interference Identification with Convolutional Neural Networks Download

word2ket: Space-efficient Word Embeddings inspired by Quantum Entanglement Download

Work Efficient Parallel Algorithms for Large Graph Exploration Download

Work in Progress: Vortex Detection and Visualization for Design of Micro Air Vehicles and Turbomachinery Download

Work Stealing Inside GPUs Download

Work-Efficient Parallel GPU Methods for Single-Source Shortest Paths Download Package

Working With Incremental Spatial Data During Parallel (GPU) Computation Download Package

Workload Analysis and Efficient OpenCL-based Implementation of SIFT Algorithm on a Smartphone Download

Workload and network-optimized computing systems

Workload Aware Algorithms for Heterogeneous Platforms Download

Workload Balancing on Heterogeneous Systems: A Case Study of Sparse Grid Interpolation Download

Workload Characterization of 3D Games Download

Workload distribution and balancing in FPGAs and CPUs with OpenCL and TBB Download

Workload-aware Automatic Parallelization for Multi-GPU DNN Training Download

Worst-Case Execution Time Guarantees for Runtime-Reconfigurable Architectures Download

WPA/WPA2 Password Security Testing using Graphics Processing Units Download

Wrinkling Coarse Meshes on the GPU Download

Writing a modular GPGPU program in Java Download

Writing a performance-portable matrix multiplication Download Package

Writing self-adaptive codes for heterogeneous systems Download Package

X-Device Query Processing by Bitwise Distribution Download

X-ray CT on the GPU Download

X-toon: an extended toon shader Download

XBOOLE-CUDA: Fast Boolean Operations on the GPU Download

Xbox 360 System Architecture Download

Xbox360 Front Side Bus – A 21.6 GB/s End-to-End Interface Design Download

Xeon Phi: A comparison between the newly introduced MIC architecture and a standard CPU through three types of problems Download Package

XeonPhi Meets Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics Download

XGBoost: Scalable GPU Accelerated Learning Download Package

XKaapi: A Runtime System for Data-Flow Task Programming on Heterogeneous Architectures Download Package

XMalloc: A Scalable Lock-free Dynamic Memory Allocator for Many-core Machines Download

XML3D: interactive 3D graphics for the web Download Package

XMT-GPU: A PRAM Architecture for Graphics Computation Download

XSD: Accelerating MapReduce by Harnessing the GPU inside an SSD Download

YaDiV-an open platform for 3D visualization and 3D segmentation of medical data Download Package

Yang-Mills lattice on CUDA Download

YodaNN: An Ultra-Low Power Convolutional Neural Network Accelerator Based on Binary Weights Download

You Can Type, but You Can’t Hide: A Stealthy GPU-based Keylogger Download

Ypnos: declarative, parallel structured grid programming Download

ytopt: Autotuning Scientific Applications for Energy Efficiency at Large Scales Download Package

ZAME: Interactive Large-Scale Graph Visualization Download

Zero-copy I/O processing for low-latency GPU computing Download

Zeus: Understanding and Optimizing GPU Energy Consumption of DNN Training Download Package

Zippy: A Framework for Computation and Visualization on a GPU Cluster

ZNN – A Fast and Scalable Algorithm for Training 3D Convolutional Networks on Multi-Core and Many-Core Shared Memory Machines Download Package

Zorua: Enhancing Programming Ease, Portability, and Performance in GPUs by Decoupling Programming Models from Resource Management Download

ZUCL: A ZYNQ UltraScale+ Framework for OpenCL HLS Applications Download Package


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