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Efficient Interleaved Batch Matrix Solvers for CUDA Download Package

Efficient Intranode Communication in GPU-Accelerated Systems Download

Efficient Irregular Wavefront Propagation Algorithms on Hybrid CPU-GPU Machines Download

Efficient JPEG2000 EBCOT Context Modeling for Massively Parallel Architectures

Efficient Kernel Fusion Techniques for Massive Video Data Analysis on GPGPUs Download

Efficient Kernel Synthesis for Performance Portable Programming Download

Efficient Knowledge Extraction from Structured Data Download

Efficient Large-scale Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search on OpenCL FPGA Download

Efficient Large-scale Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search on the GPU Download

Efficient Large-Scale Graph Processing on Hybrid CPU and GPU Systems Download Package

Efficient LBM Visual Simulation on Face-Centered Cubic Lattices Download

Efficient linear-scaling quantum transport calculations on graphics processing units and applications on electron transport in graphene Download

Efficient lists intersection by CPU-GPU cooperative computing Download

Efficient magnetohydrodynamic simulations on graphics processing units with CUDA Download

Efficient Mapping of Streaming Applications for Image Processing on Graphics Cards Download Package

Efficient mapping of the training of Convolutional Neural Networks to a CUDA-based cluster Download

Efficient Matrix Factorization on Heterogeneous CPU-GPU Systems Download

Efficient MIMD architectures for high-performance ray tracing Download

Efficient Model-based 3D Tracking of Hand Articulations using Kinect Download

Efficient molecular dynamics simulations with many-body potentials on graphics processing units Download

Efficient Monte Carlo sampler for detecting parametric objects in large scenes Download

Efficient Multi-GPU Algorithm for All-Pairs Shortest Paths Download

Efficient Multi-GPU Computation of All-Pairs Shortest Paths Download

Efficient Multiplication of Polynomials on Graphics Hardware Download

Efficient nearest-neighbor computation for GPU-based motion planning Download

Efficient Neural Network Acceleration on GPGPU using Content Addressable Memory Download

Efficient nonbonded interactions for molecular dynamics on a graphics processing unit

Efficient Numerical Evaluation of Feynman Integral Download

Efficient occupancy grid computation on the GPU with lidar and radar for road boundary detection

Efficient On-the-fly Category Retrieval using ConvNets and GPUs Download

Efficient OpenCL-based concurrent tasks offloading on accelerators Download

Efficient PageRank and SpMV Computation on AMD GPUs Download

Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction on GPU

Efficient parallel algorithms for maximum-density segment problem Download

Efficient Parallel and External Matching Download

Efficient Parallel CKY Parsing on GPUs Download

Efficient Parallel Evaluation of Multivariate Quadratic Polynomials on GPUs Download

Efficient Parallel Graph Exploration on Multi-Core CPU and GPU Download

Efficient Parallel Implementation for Single Block Orthogonal Dictionary Learning Download

Efficient Parallel Implementation of Active Appearance Model Fitting Algorithm on GPU Download

Efficient Parallel Implementation of Molecular Dynamics with Embedded Atom Method on Multi-core Platforms

Efficient parallel implementation of the lattice Boltzmann method on large clusters of graphic processing units Download

Efficient Parallel Intra-prediction Mode Selection Scheme for 4×4 Blocks in H.264

Efficient parallel lists intersection and index compression algorithms using graphics processing units Download

Efficient Parallel Methods for Deep Reinforcement Learning Download Package

Efficient Parallel Nonnegative Least Squares on Multicore Architectures Download Package

Efficient Parallel Proximity Queries and an Application to Highly Complex Motion Planning Problems with Many Narrow Passages Download

Efficient Parallel RSA Decryption Algorithm for Many-core GPUs with CUDA Download

Efficient Parallel Scan Algorithms for GPUs Download Package

Efficient Parallel Strategy Improvement for Parity Games Download Package

Efficient Parallel Video Processing Techniques on GPU: From Framework to Implementation Download

Efficient Parallelization of Natural Language Applications using GPUs Download

Efficient Parallelization of Stochastic Simulation Algorithm for Chemically Reacting Systems on the Graphics Processing Unit Download

Efficient Parallelization of the Stochastic Simulation Algorithm for Chemically Reacting Systems On the Graphics Processing Unit Download

Efficient parallelized particle filter design on CUDA Download

Efficient Particle-Mesh Spreading on GPUs Download

Efficient Partitioning Based Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering Using Graphics Accelerators with CUDA Download

Efficient partitioning of fragment shaders for multipass rendering on programmable graphics hardware Download

Efficient Password and Key recovery using Graphic Cards Download

Efficient Pattern-Based Time Series Classification on GPU Download

Efficient Performance Evaluation of Memory Hierarchy for Highly Multithreaded Graphics Processors Download

Efficient planar features matching for robot localization using GPU Download

Efficient Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Parallelization on GPU Download

Efficient Probabilistic and Geometric Anatomical Mapping Using Particle Mesh Approximation on GPUs Download

Efficient Probabilistic Latent Semantic Indexing using Graphics Processing Unit Download

Efficient Probabilistic Model Checking on General Purpose Graphics Processors Download

Efficient Processing of MRFs for Unconstrained-Pose Face Recognition Download

Efficient pseudo-random number generation for monte-carlo simulations using graphic processors Download

Efficient pseudo-random number generators for biomolecular simulations on graphics processors Download

Efficient Query Processing in Co-Processor-accelerated Databases Download Package

Efficient Quicksort and 2D Convex Hull for CUDA, and MSIMD as a Realistic Model of Massively Parallel Computations Download

Efficient Radial Pattern Keyword Search on Knowledge Graphs in Parallel Download

Efficient Random Sampling – Parallel, Vectorized, Cache-Efficient, and Online Download Package

Efficient Rasterization for Outdoor Radio Wave Propagation Download

Efficient Ray Tracing of Dynamic Scenes on the GPU Download

Efficient Realization of Householder Transform through Algorithm-Architecture Co-design for Acceleration of QR Factorization Download

Efficient reconfigurable design for pricing asian options Download

Efficient reconstruction of biological networks via transitive reduction on general purpose graphics processors Download Package

Efficient Relational Algebra Algorithms and Data Structures for GPU Download

Efficient relational database management using graphics processors Download

Efficient Rendering of Scenes with Dynamic Lighting Using a Photons Queue and Incremental Update Algorithm Download

Efficient Resource Scheduling for Big Data Processing on Accelerator-based Heterogeneous Systems Download

Efficient Resource Sharing Through GPU Virtualization on Accelerated High Performance Computing Systems Download

Efficient scan-window based object detection using GPGPU Download

Efficient SDS Simulations on Multi-GPU Nodes of XSEDE High-end Clusters Download

Efficient Shadows for GPU-based Volume Raycasting Download

Efficient Shallow Water Simulations on GPUs Download

Efficient shallow water simulations on GPUs: Implementation, visualization, verification, and validation Download

Efficient SIMD Vectorization for Hashing in OpenCL Download

Efficient similarity search on multimedia databases Download

Efficient simulation of agent-based models on multi-GPU and multi-core clusters Download

Efficient Simulation of Fluid Flow and Transport in Heterogeneous Media Using Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) Download

Efficient simulation of large-scale spiking neural networks using CUDA graphics processors Download

Efficient Simulation of Ocean and Land Scenes Based on Digital Earth Download

Efficient Simulation Techniques for Large-Scale Applications Download

Efficient simulations of long wave propagation and runup using a LBM approach on GPGPU hardware Download

Efficient softmax approximation for GPUs Download

Efficient Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on CUDA Download

Efficient Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on GPUs using the CSR Storage Format Download

Efficient Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on x86-Based Many-Core Processors Download


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