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A GPU Implementation of Parallel Constraint-based Local Search Download

A GPU implementation of the Simulated Annealing Heuristic for the Quadratic Assignment Problem Download

A GPU Memory System Comparison for an Elliptic Test Problem Download

A GPU operations framework for WattDB Download

A GPU Parallelized Spectral Method for Elliptic Equations Download

A GPU persistent grid mapping for terrain rendering

A GPU solvent-solvent interaction calculation accelerator for biomolecular simulations using the GROMOS software

A GPU Sub-pixel Algorithm for Autostereoscopic Virtual Reality Download

A GPU Support for Large Scale Quantum Chemistry Applications Download

A GPU Tile-Load-Map architecture for terrain rendering: theory and applications

A GPU Tool for Efficient, Accurate, and Realistic Simulation of Cone Beam CT Projections Download

A GPU vs CPU performance evaluation of an experimental video compression algorithm Download

A GPU-Accelerated Algorithm for Self-Organizing Maps in a Distributed Environment Download Package

A GPU-accelerated Boundary Element Method and Vortex Particle Method Download

A GPU-accelerated Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for the Flow-Shop Scheduling Problem Download

A GPU-accelerated Direct-sum Boundary Integral Poisson-Boltzmann Solver Download

A GPU-Accelerated Framework for Image Processing and Computer Vision Download

A GPU-accelerated immersive audio-visual framework for interaction with molecular dynamics using consumer depth sensors Download

A GPU-accelerated local search algorithm for the Correlation Clustering problem Download

A GPU-accelerated Navier-Stokes Solver for Steady Turbomachinery Simulations Download

A GPU-Accelerated Parallel Preconditioner for the Solution of the Boltzmann Transport Equation for Semiconductors Download

A GPU-Accelerated Two Stage Visual Matching Download

A GPU-Based 3D Image Synthesizing Method for Real-Time Multiview Autostereoscopic Displays

A GPU-Based Accelerator for Chinese Word Segmentation Download

A GPU-based Affine and Scale Invariant Feature Transform Algorithm Download

A GPU-based Algorithm for Estimating 3D Geometry and Motion in Near Real-time

A GPU-based Algorithm-specific Optimization for High-performance Background Subtraction Download

A GPU-based Approximate SVD Algorithm Download Package

A GPU-based architecture for improved online rebinning performance in clinical 3-D PET

A GPU-based architecture for real-time data assessment at synchrotron experiments Download

A GPU-based calculation using the three-dimensional FDTD method for electromagnetic field analysis

A GPU-based closed frequent itemsets mining algorithm over stream

A GPU-based computing framework for CSCW

A GPU-Based Enhanced Genetic Algorithm for Power-Aware Task Scheduling Problem in HPC Cloud Download

A GPU-based finite-size pencil beam algorithm with 3D-density correction for radiotherapy dose calculation Download

A GPU-based Flood Simulation Framework Download

A GPU-based framework for efficient image processing Download

A GPU-based Framework for Real-time Free Viewpoint Television Download

A GPU-based hyperbolic SVD algorithm Download

A GPU-based implementation for Range Queries on Spaghettis Data Structure Download

A GPU-Based Implementation of Differential Evolution for Solving the Gene Regulatory Network Model Inference Problem Download

A GPU-based implementation of motion detection from a moving platform Download

A GPU-based implementation of the MRF algorithm in ITK package

A GPU-based interactive bio-inspired visual clustering Download

A GPU-based iterated tabu search for solving the quadratic 3-dimensional assignment problem Download

A GPU-based Large-scale Monte Carlo Simulation Method for Systems with Long-range Interactions Download

A GPU-based light hierarchy for real-time approximate illumination Download

A GPU-based matting Laplacian solver for high resolution image matting Download

A GPU-based maximal frequent itemsets mining algorithm over stream Download

A GPU-based Method for Computing Eigenvector Centrality of Gene-expression Networks Download

A GPU-based Multi-level Subspace Decomposition Scheme for Hierarchical Tensor Product Bases Download

A GPU-based Multiresolution Pipeline for Compressed Volume Rendering Download

A GPU-Based Parallel Algorithm for Design Structure Matrix (DSM) Partition Download

A GPU-based parallel algorithm for time series pattern mining Download

A GPU-based Parallel Ant Colony Algorithm for Scientific Workflow Scheduling Download

A GPU-based Parallel Fireworks Algorithm for Optimization Download

A GPU-based Parallel Procedure for Nonlinear Analysis of Complex Structures Using a Coupled FEM/DEM Approach Download

A GPU-based platform for cancer-treatment planning Download

A GPU-based real time trigger for rare kaon decays at NA62 Download

A GPU-based Simulation for Stochastic Computing Download

A GPU-Based Simulation Kernel within Heterogeneous Collaborative Computation on Large-Scale Artificial Society Download

A GPU-Based Solution to Fast Calculation of Betweenness Centrality on Large Weighted Networks Download Package

A GPU-based survey for millisecond radio transients using ARTEMIS Download

A GPU-Based Track-Repeating Algorithm for Dose Calculation for Photon Radiotherapy Download

A GPU-Based Transient Stability Simulation Using Runge-Kutta Integration Algorithm Download

A GPU-based vision system for real time detection of fastening elements in railway inspection Download

A GPU-Based Wide-Band Radio Spectrometer Download Package

A GPU-Computing Approach to Solar Stokes Profile Inversion Download

A GPU-enabled solver for time-constrained linear sum assignment problems

A GPU-Enabled, High-Resolution Cosmological Microlensing Parameter Survey Download

A GPU-enhanced cluster for accelerated FMS

A GPU-inspired soft processor for high-throughput acceleration Download

A GPU-inspired soft processor for high-throughput acceleration (thesis) Download

A GPU-supported High-Level Programming Language for Image Processing Download

A GPU-tailored approach for training kernelized SVMs Download Package

A GPU/CUDA implementation of the collection-diffusion model to compute SER of large area and complex circuits Download

A Graph-based Model for GPU Caching Problems Download

A Graph-Partition-Based Scheduling Policy for Heterogeneous Architectures Download

A Graphics Hardware-Based Vortex Detection and Visualization System Download

A Graphics Parallel Memory Organization Exploiting Request Correlations

A Graphics Processing Unit Implementation of Coulomb Interaction in Molecular Dynamics

A graphics processor-based intranuclear cascade and evaporation simulation Download

A group theoretical toolbox for color image operators Download

A Haptic Device Interface for Medical Simulations using OpenCL Download

A Hardware Multithreaded SpMV Kernel for the Convey HC-2ex Download

A hardware redundancy and recovery mechanism for reliable scientific computation on graphics processors Download

A Hardware-Accelerated Parallel Implementation of a Two-Dimensional Scheme for Free Surface Flows Download

A Hardware-Accelerated Patch Search Engine for Image Completion

A hardware-aware debugger for the OpenGL shading language Download Package

A Heterogeneous Accelerated Matrix Multiplication: OpenCL + APU + GPU+ Fast Matrix Multiply Download

A Heterogeneous Inference Framework for a Deep Neural Network Download

A Heterogeneous Parallel Framework for Domain-Specific Languages Download

A Hierarchical Thread Scheduler and Register File for Energy-efficient Throughput Processors Download

A hierarchically blocked Jacobi SVD algorithm for single and multiple graphics processing units Download

A High Memory Bandwidth FPGA Accelerator for Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication Download

A high performance agent based modelling framework on graphics card hardware with CUDA Download

A high performance computing for AOM stock trading order matching using GPU Download

A high performance computing framework for physics-based modeling and simulation of military ground vehicles Download

A High Performance Framework for Coupled Urban Microclimate Models Download

A High Performance Image Authentication Algorithm on GPU with CUDA Download


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