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Modification of self-organizing migration algorithm for OpenCL framework  33,678 views

Parallel Ray Tracing Simulations with MATLAB for Dynamic Lens Systems  14,745 views

Data Layout Pruning on GPU  11,844 views

FPGA implementation of a Convolutional Neural Network for "Wake up word" detection  9,272 views

Performance Evaluation of Container-based Virtualization for High Performance Computing Environments  9,236 views

Computing Treewidth on the GPU  8,934 views

OpenCL Programming by Example  8,849 views

Energy efficiency of finite difference algorithms on multicore CPUs, GPUs, and Intel Xeon Phi processors  8,840 views

GMM based Fisher vector calculation on GPGPU  8,828 views

OpenCL Actors – Adding Data Parallelism to Actor-based Programming with CAF  8,792 views

An Efficient Load Balancing Method for Tree Algorithms  8,769 views

Modeling the Resource Requirements of Convolutional Neural Networks on Mobile Devices  8,718 views

Mixed Precision Solver Scalable to 16000 MPI Processes for Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics Simulations on the Oakforest-PACS System  8,670 views

GALARIO: a GPU Accelerated Library for Analysing Radio Interferometer Observations  8,562 views

Matrix inversion speed up with CUDA  8,060 views

Torch7: A Matlab-like Environment for Machine Learning  7,815 views

OpenMP Programming on Intel R Xeon Phi TM Coprocessors: An Early Performance Comparison  7,785 views

Code Optimization Techniques for Graphics Processing Units  7,483 views

PySPH: A Python framework for SPH  7,154 views

End-to-end Deep Learning of Optimization Heuristics  7,045 views

Breaking DVB-CSA  7,029 views

Accelerating Radio Astronomy with Auto-Tuning  7,004 views

Monte Carlo methods for massively parallel computers  6,918 views

GPU implementation of a deep learning network for image recognition tasks  6,860 views

IBM Deep Learning Service  6,786 views

Automated Testing of Graphics Shader Compilers  6,726 views

Asynchronous Task-Based Polar Decomposition on Single Node Manycore Architectures  6,706 views

NaNet:a low-latency NIC enabling GPU-based, real-time low level trigger systems  6,680 views

Out-of-core Implementation for Accelerator Kernels on Heterogeneous Clouds  6,649 views

Meta Networks for Neural Style Transfer  6,575 views

Empower Sequence Labeling with Task-Aware Neural Language Model  6,567 views

CUDA Programming: A Developer’s Guide to Parallel Computing with GPUs  6,465 views

Random Forests of Very Fast Decision Trees on GPU for Mining Evolving Big Data Streams  5,490 views

A Comparative Study of 2D Numerical Methods with GPU Computing  5,453 views

Implementing Level-3 BLAS Routines in OpenCL on Different Processing Units  5,252 views

Advanced 2D Rasterization on Modern CPUs  5,225 views

Accelerating HPC codes on Intel(R) Omni-Path Architecture networks: From particle physics to Machine Learning  5,220 views

Sorting with GPUs: A Survey  5,215 views

BIDMach: Large-scale Learning with Zero Memory Allocation  5,188 views

An OpenCL Method of Parallel Sorting Algorithms for GPU Architecture  5,167 views

GPU-Accelerated Parallel Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method for Electromagnetic Waves Propagation in Unmagnetized Plasma Media  5,167 views

SoAx: A generic C++ Structure of Arrays for handling Particles in HPC Codes  5,142 views

gSLIC: a real-time implementation of SLIC superpixel segmentation  5,138 views

Deep learning for galaxy surface brightness profile fitting  5,134 views

Report: Performance comparison between C2075 and P100 GPU cards using cosmological correlation functions  5,092 views

Domain-Specific Acceleration and Auto-Parallelization of Legacy Scientific Code in FORTRAN 77 using Source-to-Source Compilation  5,079 views

Fast Parallel Sorting Algorithms on GPUs  5,054 views

Optimization of the Brillouin operator on the KNL architecture  5,053 views

libWater: Heterogeneous Distributed Computing Made Easy  5,049 views

Hydra: a C++11 framework for data analysis in massively parallel platforms  5,017 views

Accelerating Genomics Research with OpenCL and FPGAs  4,967 views

Scalable Streaming Tools for Analyzing N-body Simulations: Finding Halos and Investigating Excursion Sets in One Pass  4,954 views

Best Practice Guide – GPGPU  4,910 views

The CUDA Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to GPU Programming  4,903 views

Implementing Neural Networks Efficiently  4,879 views

Vectorized algorithm for multidimensional Monte Carlo integration on modern GPU, CPU and MIC architectures  4,799 views

Launch-time Optimization of OpenCL Kernels  4,726 views

Performance Comparison of GPU, DSP and FPGA implementations of image processing and computer vision algorithms in embedded systems  4,708 views

Synkhronos: a Multi-GPU Theano Extension for Data Parallelism  4,689 views

Radeon PRO Solid State Graphics (SSG) API User Manual  4,671 views

Acceleration of tensor-product operations for high-order finite element methods  4,663 views

Comparison of Parallelisation Approaches, Languages, and Compilers for Unstructured Mesh Algorithms on GPUs  4,658 views

Scalable and massively parallel Monte Carlo photon transport simulations for heterogeneous computing platforms  4,648 views

Build and Travel KD-Tree with CUDA  4,626 views

Usage of GPU in LS-DYNA  4,594 views

Low-power System-on-Chip Processors for Energy Efficient High Performance Computing: The Texas Instruments Keystone II  4,541 views

Scandalously Parallelizable Mesh Generation  4,516 views

Adaptive Task Size Control on High Level Programming for GPU/CPU Work Sharing  4,501 views

vCUDA Framework Development for GPU Virtualization  4,468 views

Flexible FPGA design for FDTD using OpenCL  4,330 views

Distributed Training Large-Scale Deep Architectures  4,324 views

Efficient 2D Software Rendering  4,306 views

A Dynamic Hash Table for the GPU  4,292 views

OpenCL Programming Guide  4,285 views

DTAM: Dense tracking and mapping in real-time  4,273 views

Hybrid Fortran: High Productivity GPU Porting Framework Applied to Japanese Weather Prediction Model  4,230 views

Parallel Neural Network Training with OpenCL  4,220 views

GPU Pro 6: Advanced Rendering Techniques  4,166 views

Unified Deep Learning with CPU, GPU, and FPGA Technologies  4,162 views

Theano: Deep Learning on GPUs with Python  4,112 views

CUSIMANN: An optimized simulated annealing software for GPUs  4,097 views

Nemo: A parallelized Lagrangian particle-tracking model  4,097 views

HUGO: Hierarchical mUlti-reference Genome cOmpression for aligned reads  4,065 views

Tesla vs. Xeon Phi vs. Radeon A Compiler Writer’s Perspective  4,062 views

Warps and Atomics: Beyond Barrier Synchronization in the Verification of GPU Kernels  4,046 views

Nengo: a Python tool for building large-scale functional brain models  4,040 views

BbmTTP: Beat-based Parallel Simulated Annealing Algorithm on GPGPUs for the Mirrored Traveling Tournament Problem  4,036 views

On Pre-Trained Image Features and Synthetic Images for Deep Learning  4,008 views

Deep Voice 3: 2000-Speaker Neural Text-to-Speech  3,998 views

ChainerMN: Scalable Distributed Deep Learning Framework  3,986 views

A Framework for Productive, Efficient and Portable Parallel Computing  3,985 views

GooFit 2.0  3,973 views

GPU Passthrough Performance: A Comparison of KVM, Xen, VMWare ESXi, and LXC for CUDA and OpenCL Applications  3,970 views

PCIeHLS: an OpenCL HLS framework  3,961 views

Efficient Algorithms for Sorting on GPUs  3,956 views

cudaMap: a GPU accelerated program for gene expression connectivity mapping  3,937 views

A Study of Time and Energy Efficient Algorithms for Parallel and Heterogeneous Computing  3,935 views

Deep and Shallow convections in Atmosphere Models on Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor Systems  3,932 views

TensorFlow: Large-Scale Machine Learning on Heterogeneous Distributed Systems  3,892 views

Data Coherence Analysis and Optimization for Heterogeneous Computing  3,863 views


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