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A Comparative Study of OpenACC Implementations Download

A Comparative Study of Parallel Algorithms for the Girth Problem Download

A Comparative Study on ASIC, FPGAs, GPUs and General Purpose Processors in the O(N^2) Gravitational N-body Simulation Download

A Comparative Study on Exact Triangle Counting Algorithms on the GPU Download

A Comparison between GPU-based Volume Ray Casting Implementations: Fragment Shader, Compute Shader, OpenCL, and CUDA Download

A comparison between parallelization approaches in molecular dynamics simulations on GPUs Download Package

A Comparison of Algebraic Multigrid Preconditioners using Graphics Processing Units and Multi-Core Central Processing Units Download

A comparison of CPU and GPU performance for Fourier pseudospectral simulations of the Navier-Stokes, Cubic Nonlinear Schrodinger and Sine Gordon Equations Download

A Comparison of CPU and OpenCL Parallelization Methods for Correlation and Graph Layout Algorithms used in the Network Analysis of High Dimensional Data Download Package

A comparison of CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and massively parallel processor arrays for random number generation Download

A Comparison of FPGA and GPU for Real-Time Phase-based Optical Flow, Stereo, and Local Image Features

A Comparison of GPU Execution Time Prediction using Machine Learning and Analytical Modeling Download Package

A Comparison of Gradient Estimation Methods for Volume Rendering on Unstructured Meshes Download

A Comparison of High-Level Design Tools for SoC-FPGA on Disparity Map Calculation Example Download

A Comparison of Many-threaded Differential Evolution and Genetic Algorithms on CUDA Download

A Comparison of Massively Parallel Programming Models Through Applications in Sound Propagation and Jitter Measurement Download

A Comparison of Modern GPU and CPU Architectures: And the Common Convergence of Both Download

A Comparison of Optimal Scanline Voxelization Algorithms Download Package

A comparison of period finding algorithms Download

A Comparison of Potential Interfaces for Batched BLAS Computations Download Package

A Comparison of Sequential and GPU Implementations of Iterative Methods to Compute Reachability Probabilities Download

A Comparison of Serial & Parallel Particle Filters for Time Series Analysis Download

A Comparison of Statistical Techniques for Detecting Side-Channel Information Leakage in Cryptographic Devices Download

A Comparison of Support Vector Machines Training GPU-Accelerated Open Source Implementations Download Package

A Comparison of the performance of HPC Accelerators Download

A Comparison of Two Methods for Geometric Milling Simulation Accelerated by GPU Download

A Comparison of xPU Platforms Exemplified with Ray Tracing Algorithms

A Compile-Time Managed Multi-Level Register File Hierarchy Download

A Compiler and Runtime for Heterogeneous Computing Download

A compiler for high performance computing with many-core accelerators Download

A Compiler for Throughput Optimization of Graph Algorithms on GPUs Download

A compiler framework for optimization of affine loop nests for gpgpus Download

A Compiler Framework for Optimizing Dynamic Parallelism on GPUs Download Package

A Compiler Infrastructure for Accelerator Generators Download Package

A Compiler Infrastructure for Embedded Multicore SoCs Download

A compiler toolkit for array-based languages targeting CPU/GPU hybrid systems Download Package

A Complete and Efficient CUDA-Sharing Solution for HPC Clusters Download

A Complete Descritpion of the UnPython and Jit4GPU Framework Download

A complete modular resultant algorithm targeted for realization on graphics hardware Download

A comprehensive analysis and parallelization of an image retrieval algorithm Download

A Comprehensive Benchmark of Deep Learning Libraries on Mobile Devices Download Package

A Comprehensive Performance Analysis of HSA and OpenCL 2.0 Download

A Comprehensive Performance Comparison of CUDA and OpenCL Download

A comprehensive study of Dynamic Memory Management in OpenCL kernels Download

A Comprehensive Survey on Various Evolutionary Algorithms on GPU Download

A Computational Comparison of Basis Updating Schemes for the Simplex Algorithm on a CPU-GPU System Download

A Computational Model of Afterimages Download

A Computational Realization of a Semi-Lagrangian Method for Solving the Advection Equation Download

A computationally efficient and scalable approach for privacy preserving kNN classification Download

A Computationally Efficient Approach for Exemplar-based Color Image Inpainting using GPU Download

A Computationally Efficient Parallel Kernel Regression for Image Reconstruction Download

A Compute Unified System Architecture for Graphics Clusters Incorporating Data Locality Download

A Computing Kernel for Network Binarization on PyTorch Download Package

A computing origami: Optimized code generation for emerging parallel platforms Download

A configurable simulation environment for the efficient simulation of large-scale spiking neural networks on graphics processors

A constant-space belief propagation algorithm for stereo matching Download

A Consumer Application for GPGPUs: Desktop Search Download

A Container-Based Workflow for Distributed Training of Deep Learning Algorithms in HPC Clusters Download Package

A Contour-Guided Deformable Image Registration Algorithm for Adaptive Radiotherapy Download

A control-structure splitting optimization for GPGPU

A convex formulation for color image segmentation in the context of passive emitter localization Download

A Convex Relaxation Approach to Space Time Multi-view 3D Reconstruction Download

A Convolutional Neural Network Cascade for Face Detection Download

A CPU and GPU Heterogeneous Processing of Multimedia Data by using OpenCL Download

A CPU-GPU Hybrid Runtime for the Aeminium Language Download Package

A Cross-Input Adaptive Framework for GPU Programs Optimization Download

A Cross-platform Evaluation of Graphics Shader Compiler Optimization Download

A CUDA Back-End for the Equelle Compiler Download Package

A CUDA Based Implementation of an Image Authentication Algorithm Download

A CUDA based Solution to the Multidimensional Knapsack Problem Using the Ant Colony Optimization Download

A CUDA Implementation of Independent Component Analysis in the Time-Frequency Domain Download Package

A CUDA implementation of the High Performance Conjugate Gradient benchmark Download

A CUDA Kernel Scheduler Exploiting Static Data Dependencies Download

A CUDA Monte Carlo simulator for radiation therapy dosimetry based on Geant4 Download

A CUDA SIMT Interpreter for Genetic Programming Download Package

A CUDA SIMT interpreter for genetic programming. Revised Download Package

A CUDA-Based Cooperative Evolutionary Multi-Swarm Optimization Applied to Engineering Problems Download

A CUDA-Based Implementation of Stable Fluids in 3D with Internal and Moving Boundaries

A CUDA-based parallel implementation of K-nearest neighbor algorithm

A CUDA-Based Real Parameter Optimization Benchmark Download Package

A CUDA-enabled Parallel Implementation of Collaborative Filtering Download

A curved-element unstructured discontinuous Galerkin method on GPUs for the Euler equations Download

A Customized 3D GPU Poisson Solver for Free BCs Download

A Data Communication Scheduler for Stream Programs on CPU-GPU Platform

A Data Parallel Algorithm for Seismic Raytracing Download

A data parallel approach to genetic programming using programmable graphics hardware Download

A data parallel view on polyhedral process networks

A Data-Driven Model for Anisotropic Heterogeneous Subsurface Scattering Download

A Data-oriented Method for Scheduling Dependent Tasks on High-density Multi-GPU Systems Download

A Data-Parallel Algorithmic Modelica Extension for Efficient Execution on Multi-Core Platforms Download

A Data-Parallel Extension to Ruby for GPGPU Download Package

A Data-Parallel Graphics Pipeline Implemented in OpenCL Download

A dataflow-like programming model for future hybrid clusters Download

A Datalog Engine for GPUs Download

A declarative API for particle systems Download

A decompression pipeline for accelerating out-of-core volume rendering of time-varying data Download

A Deep Generative Deconvolutional Image Model Download

A Deep Learning Approach for Automatic Code Optimization in the Tiramisu Compiler Download

A deep learning approach to autonomous lunar landing Download

A Deep Learning Based Cost Model for Automatic Code Optimization Download


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