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Cluster versus GPU implementation of an Orthogonal Target Detection Algorithm for Remotely Sensed Hyperspectral Images Download

Cluster-Level Tuning of a Shallow Water Equation Solver on the Intel MIC Architecture Download

Cluster-SkePU: A Multi-Backend Skeleton Programming Library for GPU Clusters Download

Clustering Based Search Algorithm For Motion Estimation Download

Clustering billions of data points using GPUs Download

Clustering coefficient queries on massive dynamic social networks

Clustering on GPU – A Brief Survey Download

Clustering Throughput Optimization on the GPU Download

ClusterWatch: Flexible, Lightweight Monitoring for High-end GPGPU Clusters Download

CMA-ES for Hyperparameter Optimization of Deep Neural Networks Download Package

CMCpy: Genetic Code-Message Coevolution Models in Python Download Package

CnC-CUDA: declarative programming for GPUs Download

CNNLab: a Novel Parallel Framework for Neural Networks using GPU and FPGA-a Practical Study with Trade-off Analysis Download

Co-design of a particle-in-cell plasma simulation code for Intel Xeon Phi: a first look at Knights Landing Download

Co-processing SPMD Computation on GPUs and CPUs on Shared Memory System Download

Co-processor acceleration of an unmodified parallel solid mechanics code with FEASTGPU Download

Co-tuning of Software Specializers and Hardware Accelerators within a CNN Application Download

Coalition Structure Generation with the Graphic Processor Unit Download

Coalition Structure Generation with the Graphics Processing Unit Download Package

Coarse grain computation-communication overlap for efficient application-level checkpointing for GPUs

Coarse grain parallelization of evolutionary algorithms on GPGPU cards with EASEA

Coating Process Monitoring Using Computer Vision Download

Code Generation Compiler for the OpenMP 4.0 Accelerator Model onto OMPSS Download

Code Generation for Embedded Heterogeneous Architectures on Android Download

Code Generation for High-Level Synthesis of Multiresolution Applications on FPGAs Download

Code Optimization and Performance Analysis of Oceanographic Software Package NEMO for GPGPU Systems Download

Code Optimization and Scaling of the Astrophysics Software Gadget on Intel Xeon Phi Download

Code optimization based on source to source transformations using profile guided metrics Download

Code Optimization on GPUs Download

Code Optimization on Kepler GPUs and Xeon Phi Download

Code Optimization Techniques for Graphics Processing Units Download Package

Code Refinement of Stencil Codes Download

CodePy Download Package

Coding Ants: Using Ant Colony Optimization to Accelerate CT Reconstruction Download

Cofactorization on Graphics Processing Units Download

COFFEE: an Optimizing Compiler for Finite Element Local Assembly Download

Cognitive radio network for the smart grid: Experimental system architecture, control algorithms, security, and microgrid testbed Download

Coherence aware GPU-based ray casting for virtual colonoscopy

Coherent Photon Mapping on the Intel MIC Architecture Download

Coherent Spatiotemporal Filtering, Upsampling and Rendering of RGBZ Videos Download

Coherent transport by adiabatic passage on atom chips Download

Collaborative design and optimization using Collective Knowledge Download

Collaborative Diffusion on the GPU for Path-Finding in Games Download

Collaborative diffusion: programming antiobjects Download

Collaborative execution environment for heterogeneous parallel systems Download

Collision Detection Based on Fuzzy Scene Subdivision Download

Collision Detection of Triangle Meshes using GPU Download

Collision detection on the GPU Download

Collision Detection: Broad Phase Adaptation from Multi-Core to Multi-GPU Architecture Download

Collision for 75-step SHA-1: Intensive Parallelization with GPU Download Package

Collision-Driven Volumetric Deformation on the GPU Download

Collision-streams: fast GPU-based collision detection for deformable models Download

Color and motion-based particle filter target tracking in a network of overlapping cameras with multi-threading and GPGPU Download

Color Correction Acceleration Using a Color Cube and OpenCL Download

Color Me Noisy: Example-based Rendering of Hand-colored Animations with Temporal Noise Control Download

Color Seamlessness in Multi-Projector Displays Using Constrained Gamut Morphing Download

Colored stochastic shadow maps Download

Colour flux-tubes in static Pentaquark and Tetraquark systems Download Package

Combinatorial Optimization of Work Distribution on Heterogeneous Systems Download

Combined acoustic and optical trapping Download

Combined Spatial and Temporal Blocking for High-Performance Stencil Computation on FPGAs Using OpenCL Download

Combining approximate inference methods for efficient learning on large computer clusters Download

Combining Belief Propagation and Successive Cancellation List Decoding of Polar Codes on a GPU Platform Download

Combining computer vision and physics simulations using GPGPU Download

Combining Data Parallelism and Task Parallelism for Efficient Performance on Hybrid CPU and GPU Systems Download Package

Combining Multiple Optimised FPGA-based Pulsar Search Modules Using OpenCL Download

Combining recent HPC techniques for 3D geophysics acceleration Download

Combustion Simulations Using Graphic Processing Units Download

Coming Soon: Research in a Cloud Download Package

Communication and Coordination Paradigms for Highly-Parallel Accelerators Download

Communication Architectures for Scalable GPU-centric Computing Systems Download

Communication Optimization for Multi GPU Implementation of Smith-Waterman Algorithm Download

Communication-Avoiding Optimization of Geometric Multigrid on GPUs Download

Communication-avoiding QR decomposition for GPUs Download

Communication-Minimizing 2D Convolution in GPU Registers Download

Community Structure Discovery algorithm on GPU with CUDA

Compact data structure and scalable algorithms for the sparse grid technique Download

Comparative Analysis of OpenACC, OpenMP and CUDA using Sequential and Parallel Algorithms Download

Comparative Evaluation of Binary Features Download

Comparative evaluation of platforms for parallel Ant Colony Optimization Download

Comparative Performance Analysis of Intel Xeon Phi, GPU, and CPU Download

Comparative Study of Caffe, Neon, Theano, and Torch for Deep Learning Download

Comparative Study of Frequent Itemset Mining Techniques on Graphics Processor Download

Comparative Study of High Performance Computing Using Multi-core Parallel Systems Download

Comparative study of parallel programming models for multicore computing Download

Comparative Study of the Parallelization of the Smith-Waterman Algorithm on OpenMP and Cuda C Download

Comparing CUDA and OpenGL implementations for a Jacobi iteration Download

Comparing CUDA, OpenCL and OpenGL Implementations of the Cardiac Monodomain Equations Download

Comparing Energy Efficiency of CPU, GPU and FPGA Implementations for Vision Kernels Download Package

Comparing FPGAs to Graphics Accelerators and the Playstation 2 Using a Unified Source Description Download

Comparing GPU and CPU in OLAP Cubes Creation

Comparing GPU-based multi-volume ray casting techniques

Comparing Hardware Accelerators in Scientific Applications: A Case Study

Comparing Intra- and Inter-Processor Parallelism on Multi-Core Cell Processors for Scientific Simulations Download

Comparing Linear and Convex Relaxations for Stereo and Motion Download

Comparing Many-Core Accelerator Frameworks Download

Comparing Parallel Hardware Architectures for Visually Guided Robot Navigation Download

Comparing Parallel Simulation of Social Agents using Cilk and OpenCL Download

Comparing performance and energy efficiency of FPGAs and GPUs for high productivity computing Download

Comparing Programmer Productivity in OpenACC and CUDA: an Empirical Investigation Download Package


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