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A Deep Learning Model for Loop Interchange Download Package

A design case study: CPU vs. GPGPU vs. FPGA

A Design Framework for Mapping Dataflow Graphs onto Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Platforms Download

A Design Methodology for Efficient Implementation of Deconvolutional Neural Networks on an FPGA Download

A design pattern language for engineering (parallel) software: merging the PLPP and OPL projects Download

A design tool for efficient mapping of multimedia applications onto heterogeneous platforms Download

A Detailed GPU Cache Model Based on Reuse Distance Theory Download Package

A development of an accelerator board dedicated for multi-precision arithmetic operations and its application to Feynman loop integrals II Download

A Development Platform for Embedded Domain-Specific Languages Download Package

A directionally adaptive edge anti-aliasing filter Download

A Discussion of Selected Vienna-Libraries for Computational Science Download

A Distributed Approximation Algorithm for Mixed Packing-Covering Linear Programs Download

A Distributed Architecture for Smart Recycling Using Machine Learning Download

A distributed computing approach to improve the performance of the Parallel Ocean Program (v2.1) Download

A Distributed CPU-GPU Framework for Pairwise Alignments on Large-Scale Sequence Datasets Download

A Distributed Data Mining Framework Accelerated with Graphics Processing Units Download

A Distributed GPU-based Framework for real-time 3D Volume Rendering of Large Astronomical Data Cubes Download

A distributed multi-GPU system for high speed electron microscopic tomographic reconstruction

A Diversified Multi-Start Algorithm for Unconstrained Binary Quadratic Problems Leveraging the Graphics Processor Unit Download

A Domain Specific Approach to Heterogeneous Computing: From Availability to Accessibility Download Package

A Domain Specific Language for Performance Portable Molecular Dynamics Algorithms Download Package

A Domain-Extensible Compiler with Controllable Automation of Optimisations Download Package

A Domain-Specific Approach To Heterogeneous Parallelism Download

A Domain-Specific Language and Compiler for Stencil Computations on Short-Vector SIMD and GPU Architectures Download

A Domain-specific Language to Facilitate Software Defined Radio Parallel Executable Patterns Deployment on Heterogeneous Architectures Download

A Duality Based Approach for Realtime TV-L1 Optical Flow Download

A Dynamic Approach to Weighted Suffix Tree Construction Algorithm Download

A Dynamic Hash Table for the GPU Download

A Dynamic IP Lookup Architecture using Parallel Multiple Hash in GPU-based Software Router Download

A Dynamic Offload Scheduler for spatial multitasking on Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor Download

A Dynamic Programming Model To Solve Optimisation Problems Using GPUs Download

A Dynamic Resource Management and Scheduling Environment for Embedded Multimedia and Communications Platforms

A Dynamic Resource Management System for Network-Attached Accelerator Clusters Download

A dynamic scheduling runtime and tuning system for heterogeneous multi and many-core desktop platforms Download

A dynamically configurable coprocessor for convolutional neural networks

A Fair Comparison of Modern CPUs and GPUs Running the Genetic Algorithm under the Knapsack Benchmark Download Package

A Fast 3D Spatial Analysis Technique Using Graphic Process Units Download

A Fast Algorithm for Constructing Inverted Files on Heterogeneous Platforms Download

A Fast and Accurate GHT Implementation on CUDA Download

A Fast and Efficient SIFT Detector Using the Mobile GPU Download

A Fast and Efficient Simulation Framework for Modeling Heat Transport Download

A Fast and Generic GPU-Based Parallel Reduction Implementation Download

A fast and intuitive visual programming language (VPL) for constructing Computer Vision and Image processing systems on GPUs Download

A Fast and Rigorously Parallel Surface Voxelization Technique for GPU-Accelerated CFD Simulations Download

A fast and robust seed flooding algorithm on GPU for Voronoi diagram generation Download

A Fast and Secure Way to Prevent SQL Injection Attacks using Bitslice Technique and GPU Support Download

A Fast and Simple Approach to Merge and Merge Sort using Wide Vector Instructions Download

A Fast Batched Cholesky Factorization on a GPU Download Package

A Fast GEMM Implementation On a Cypress GPU Download

A fast GEMM implementation on the cypress GPU Download

A fast GPU algorithm for graph connectivity Download

A Fast GPU Implementation for Solving Sparse Ill-Posed Linear Equation Systems Download

A fast GPU-based Monte Carlo simulation of proton transport with detailed modeling of non-elastic interactions Download

A Fast GPU-Based Motion Estimation Algorithm for H.264/AVC Download

A Fast GVF Snake Algorithm on the GPU Download

A Fast High Quality Pseudo Random Number Generator for Graphics Processing Units Download Package

A fast high quality pseudo random number generator for nVidia CUDA Download Package

A fast hybrid time-synchronous/event approach to parallel discrete event simulation of queuing networks Download

A Fast Implementation of Parallel Discrete-Event Simulation on GPGPU Download

A Fast Implementation of the Octagon Abstract Domain on Graphics Hardware Download

A Fast Jet Finder Algorithm Using Graphic Processing Unit Download

A fast marching method based back projection algorithm for photoacoustic tomography in heterogeneous media Download

A Fast Method For Computing Principal Curvatures From Range Images Download Package

A Fast Mixed-Band Lifting Wavelet Transform on the GPU Download

A Fast Parallel Implementation of Queue-based Morphological Reconstruction using GPUs Download

A Fast Poisson Solver with Periodic Boundary Conditions for GPU Clusters in Various Configurations Download

A Fast Similarity Join Algorithm Using Graphics Processing Units Download

A fast stereo matching algorithm suitable for embedded real-time systems

A fast Texture-by-numbers synthesis method based on texture optimization Download

A Fast, GPU based, Dictionary Attack to OpenPGP Secret Keyrings

A Feedback Approach to Task Partitioning in Heterogeneous Architectures Download

A Field Guide to Genetic Programming Download

A fight for performance and accuracy of the matrix multiplication routines: CUBLAS on Nvidia Tesla versus MKL and ATLAS on Intel Nehalem Download

A File System Using GPU-Accelerated File-wise Reliability Scheme Download

A Financial Benchmark for GPGPU Compilation Download

A Fine Grained Cycle Sharing System with Cooperative Multitasking on GPUs Download

A finite volume approach for the simulation of nonlinear dissipative acoustic wave propagation Download

A first look at integrated GPUs for green high-performance computing

A First Order Primal-Dual Algorithm for Nonconvex TV^q Regularization Download

A First Step Towards GPU-assisted Query Optimization Download Package

A Fixed-Complexity Sphere Decoder for MIMO Systems on Graphics Processing Units

A flexible algorithm for calculating pair interactions on SIMD architectures Download

A flexible high-performance Lattice Boltzmann GPU code for the simulations of fluid flows in complex geometries Download

A Flexible Kernel for Adaptive Mesh Refinement on GPU Download

A Flexible Multi-Volume Shader Framework for Arbitrarily Intersecting Multi-Resolution Datasets Download

A Flexible Patch-Based Lattice Boltzmann Parallelization Approach for Heterogeneous GPU-CPU Clusters Download

A flexible simulation framework for graphics architectures Download Package

A fluid simulation system based on the MPS method Download Package

A Foray into Efficient Mapping of Algorithms to Hardware Platforms on Heterogeneous Systems Download

A Framework for 3D Model-Based Visual Tracking Using a GPU-Accelerated Particle Filter

A Framework for Automated Generation of Specialized Function Variants Download

A Framework for Automated Performance Tuning and Code Verification on GPU Computing Platforms Download

A Framework for Automatic OpenMP Code Generation Download

A Framework for Composing High-Performance OpenCL from Python Descriptions Download

A framework for cost based optimization of hybrid CPU/GPU query plans in database systems Download

A framework for data-access strategies in GPGPU programs Download

A Framework for Dense Triangular Matrix Kernels on Various Manycore Architectures Download Package

A Framework for Developing Real-Time OLAP algorithm using Multi-core processing and GPU: Heterogeneous Computing Download

A framework for dynamically instrumenting GPU compute applications within GPU Ocelot Download Package

A framework for efficient and scalable execution of domain-specific templates on GPUs Download


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