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A stream-computing extension to OpenMP Download

A streaming model for nested data parallelism Download

A streaming narrow-band algorithm: interactive computation and visualization of level sets Download

A structural analysis of the A5/1 state transition graph Download

A structured parallel periodic arnoldi shooting algorithm for RF-PSS analysis based on GPU platforms Download

A Study of Complex Deep Learning Networks on High Performance, Neuromorphic, and Quantum Computers Download

A Study of CUDA Acceleration and Impact of Data Transfer Overhead in Heterogeneous Environment Download

A Study of Data Partitioning on OpenCL-based FPGAs Download

A study of parallel evolution strategy: pattern search on a GPU computing platform

A Study of Parallel Sorting Algorithms Using CUDA and OpenMP Download

A Study of Productivity and Performance of Modern Vector Processors Download

A Study of Real-Time Lighting Effects Download

A Study of Scheduling a Neuro-imaging Application On a Heterogeneous CPU-GPU Cluster Download

A Study of Successive Over-relaxation Method Parallelization Over Modern HPC Languages Download

A Study of the Parallelization of Hybrid SAT Solver using CUDA Download

A Study of the Potential of Locality-Aware Thread Scheduling for GPUs Download

A study of the speed and the accuracy of the Boundary Element Method as applied to the computational simulation of biological organs Download Package

A Study of Time and Energy Efficient Algorithms for Parallel and Heterogeneous Computing Download

A Study on Efficient Application Mapping on Parallel Computing Accelerators Download

A Study on GPU Computing and Accelerating Simulation of Sedimentary Rock Structure Download

A Study on Parallel Imaging Algorithm of 3D Geological Data

A study on tetrahedron-based inhomogeneous Monte Carlo optical simulation Download

A Summary of Recent GPU Developments and Key Enabling Technologies for Digital Media Applications

A Superresolution Framework for High-Accuracy Multiview Reconstruction Download

A Survey Of Architectural Approaches for Data Compression in Cache and Main Memory Systems Download

A Survey Of Architectural Approaches for Managing Embedded DRAM and Non-volatile On-chip Caches Download

A Survey of Architectural Techniques For DRAM Power Management Download

A Survey of Architectural Techniques For Improving Cache Power Efficiency Download

A Survey Of Architectural Techniques for Managing Process Variation Download

A Survey Of Architectural Techniques for Near-Threshold Computing Download

A survey of BRDF models for computer graphics

A Survey of Cache Bypassing Techniques Download

A Survey of Cache Partitioning Techniques for Multicore Processors Download

A Survey of Cloud Lighting and Rendering Techniques Download

A Survey of CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Computing Techniques Download

A Survey of CUDA-based Multidimensional Scaling on GPU Architecture Download

A Survey of General-Purpose Computation on Graphics Hardware Download

A survey of GPU-based medical image computing techniques Download

A survey of medical image registration on graphics hardware

A Survey of Medical Image Registration on Multicore and the GPU Download

A Survey of Methods For Analyzing and Improving GPU Energy Efficiency Download

A Survey of Neural Computation on Graphics Processing Hardware Download

A survey of point-based techniques in computer graphics Download

A Survey of Power Management Techniques for Phase Change Memory Download

A Survey of Recent Prefetching Techniques for Processor Caches Download

A Survey of Soft-Error Mitigation Techniques for Non-Volatile Memories Download

A Survey of Software Techniques for Using Non-Volatile Memories for Storage and Main Memory Systems Download

A survey of sparse matrix-vector multiplication performance on large matrices Download

A Survey Of Techniques for Approximate Computing Download

A Survey Of Techniques for Architecting and Managing Asymmetric Multicore Processors Download

A Survey of Techniques for Architecting and Managing GPU Register File Download

A Survey Of Techniques for Architecting DRAM Caches Download

A Survey of Techniques for Architecting Processor Components using Domain Wall Memory Download

A Survey of Techniques for Architecting TLBs Download

A Survey Of Techniques for Cache Locking Download

A Survey of Techniques for Designing and Managing CPU Register File Download

A Survey of Techniques For Improving Energy Efficiency in Embedded Computing Systems Download

A Survey Of Techniques for Managing and Leveraging Caches in GPUs Download

A Survey of Techniques for Modeling and Improving Reliability of Computing Systems Download

A Survey on GPU System Considering its Performance on Different Applications Download

A Survey On Parallelization Of Data Mining Techniques Download

A survey on various computationally intensive parallel applications in High performance Computing System with OpenCL-MPI Download

A Survey Paper on Solving TSP using Ant Colony Optimization on GPU Download

A Switched Dynamical System Framework for Analysis of Massively Parallel Asynchronous Numerical Algorithms Download

A symbolic verifier for CUDA programs Download

A Synchronization-Free Algorithm for Parallel Sparse Triangular Solves Download Package

A System for Capturing, Rendering and Multiplexing Images on Multi-view Autostereoscopic Display

A Task Parallel Algorithm for Computing the Costs of All-Pairs Shortest Paths on the CUDA-Compatible GPU Download

A Task-centric Memory Model for Scalable Accelerator Architectures Download

A task-driven implementation of a simple numerical solver for hyperbolic conservation laws Download

A taxonomy of accelerator architectures and their programming models

A TBB-CUDA Implementation for Background Removal in a video-based Fire Detection System Download

A Template Metaprogramming Approach to Support Parallel Programs for Multicores Download Package

A Test Drive of the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Developer Kit for Deep Learning and Computer Vision Applications Download

A tile-based parallel Viterbi algorithm for biological sequence alignment on GPU with CUDA Download

A Time Optimal Parallel Algorithm for the Dynamic Programming on the Hierarchical Memory Machine Download

A time-energy performance analysis of MapReduce on heterogeneous systems with GPUs Download

A Tool for Automatic Suggestions for Irregular GPU Kernel Optimization Download

A Tool for Automatically Suggesting Source-Code Optimizations for Complex GPU Kernels Download

A Tool for Interactive Parallelization Download

A tool for mapping Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms using Graphics Processing Units Download Package

A Toolkit for Building Dynamic Compilers for Array-Based Languages Targeting CPUs and GPUs Download Package

A toolkit to describe and interactively display three-manifolds embedded in four-space Download

A Training Framework and Architectural Design for Distributed Deep Learning Download Package

A training roadmap for new HPC users Download

A training-free nose tip detection method from face range images

A Translation Framework for Executing the Sequential Binary Code on CPU/GPU Based Architectures Download

A translation system for enabling data mining applications on GPUs Download

A translator framework for Dynamic Programming problems Download

A trigger system based on Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

A Tuned and Scalable Fast Multipole Method as a Preeminent Algorithm for Exascale Systems Download

A Tuned, Concurrent-Kernel Approach to Speed Up the APSP Problem Download

A Tuning Framework for Software-Managed Memory Hierarchies Download

A tutorial overview on the properties of the discrete cosine transform for encoded image and video processing Download

A two-fluid finite-volume solver based on OpenCL Download

A two-level real-time vision machine combining coarse- and fine-grained parallelism Download

A two-level simulator for spaceborne SAR

A two-level task scheduler on Multiple DSP system for OpenCL Download

A Two-stage Query by Singing/Humming System on GPU Download

A Unified Approach for Registration and Depth in Depth from Defocus Download


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