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A Scalable End-to-End Optimized Real-Time Image-Based Rendering Framework on Graphics Hardware Download

A Scalable Framework for Heterogeneous GPU-Based Clusters Download

A Scalable Framework for Monte Carlo Simulation Using FPGA-based Hardware Accelerators with Application to SPECT Imaging Download

A Scalable GPU-based Approach to Accelerate the Multiple-Choice Knapsack Problem Download

A scalable GPU-based approach to shading and shadowing for photorealistic real-time augmented reality Download

A Scalable graph-cut algorithm for N-D grids Download

A Scalable Heterogeneous Parallelization Framework for Iterative Local Searches Download

A Scalable High Performant Cholesky Factorization for Multicore with GPU Accelerators Download

A scalable hybrid algorithm based on domain decomposition and algebraic multigrid for solving partial differential equations on a cluster of CPU/GPUs Download

A Scalable Hybrid FPGA/GPU FX Correlator Download

A Scalable Lane Detection Algorithm on COTSs with OpenCL Download

A Scalable Multi-Path Microarchitecture for Efficient GPU Control Flow Download

A Scalable, Efficient Scheme for Evaluation of Stencil Computations over Unstructured Meshes Download

A scalable, numerically stable, high-performance tridiagonal solver using GPUs Download Package

A scheduling and runtime framework for a cluster of heterogeneous machines with multiple accelerators Download

A Scheduling Framework for a Heterogeneous Parallel Architecture Download

A Screen Space Quality Method for Data Abstraction Download

A scripting language for Digital Content Creation applications Download

A second generation of DEFG: Declarative Framework for GPUs Download

A Second-Order Distributed Trotter-Suzuki Solver with a Hybrid Kernel Download Package

A Self-Optimizing Framework for Developing Metrology Software on Massive Parallel Processor Architectures Download

A self-organization based optical flow estimator with GPU implementation

A self-organization based optical flow estimator with GPU implementation (thesis) Download

A Semi-Automated Tool Flow for Roofline Anaylsis of OpenCL Kernels on Accelerators Download

A Shader Library for OpenGL 4 and GLSL 4.3 Learning and Development Download

A shared file system abstraction for heterogeneous architectures Download

A shared-scene-graph image-warping architecture for VR: Low latency versus image quality Download

A short guide to CUDA C: For physicists with multi-core graphics cards Download Package

A Short Note on Gaussian Process Modeling for Large Datasets using Graphics Processing Units Download

A SIMD Interpreter for Genetic Programming on GPU Graphics Cards Download

A SIMD-efficient 14 instruction shader program for high-throughput microtriangle rasterization Download

A Similarity Measure for GPU Kernel Subgraph Matching Download

A Similarity-Based Analysis Tool for Scientific Application Porting Download

A simple and efficient way to compute depth maps for multi-view videos Download

A simple and flexible volume rendering framework for graphics-hardware-based raycasting Download Package

A simple GPU-based approach for 3D Voronoi diagram construction and visualization

A simple method to accelerate fringe analysis algorithms based on graphics processing unit and MATLAB Download

A Simplified and Accurate Model of Power-Performance Efficiency on Emergent GPU Architectures Download

A Simulation Framework for Scheduling Performance Evaluation on CPU-GPU Heterogeneous System Download

A simulation suite for lattice Boltzmann based real time CFD applications exploiting multi-level parallelism on modern multi-and many-core architectures Download

A Simulation Suite for Lattice-Boltzmann based Real-Time CFD Applications Exploiting Multi-Level Parallelism on modern Multi- and Many-Core Architectures Download Package

A Simulator for the Cafadis Real Time 3DTV Camera Download

A Single (Unified) Shader GPU Microarchitecture for Embedded Systems Download

A single-pass GPU ray casting framework for interactive out-of-core rendering of massive volumetric datasets

A small-world network model for distributed storage of semantic metadata Download

A Smart GPU Implementation of an Elliptic Kernel for an Ocean Global Circulation Model Download

A smooth particle hydrodynamics code to model collisions between solid, self-gravitating objects Download

A Software Framework for the Detection and Classification of Biological Targets in Bio-Nano Sensing Download

A Software-Based Self Test of CUDA Fermi GPUs Download

A Sorting Library for FPGA Implementation in OpenCL Programming Download

A Sparse Matrix Personality for the Convey HC-1 Download

A sparse octree gravitational N-body code that runs entirely on the GPU processor Download Package

A Spiking Neural P system simulator based on CUDA Download Package

A Splitting Algorithm for Directional Regularization and Sparsification Download

A stand-alone Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) simulation for Integrated Optoelectronics Laboratory Download

A state-of-the-art password strength analysis demonstrator Download

A Static Analysis-based Cross-Architecture Performance Prediction Using Machine Learning Download

A Static Load Balancing Scheme for Parallel Volume Rendering on Multi-GPU Clusters Download

A Static Task Partitioning Approach for Heterogeneous Systems Using OpenCL Download Package

A Stencil DSEL for Single Code Accelerated Computing with SYCL Download

A stencil-based implementation of Parareal in the C++ domain specific embedded language STELLA Download

A Step towards Energy Efficient Computing: Redesigning A Hydrodynamic Application on CPU-GPU Download

A stereoscopic movie player with real-time content adaptation to the display geometry Download Package

A Stochastic-based Optimized Schwarz Method for the Gravimetry Equations on GPU Clusters Download

A straightforward CUDA implementation for interactive ray-tracing

A Straightforward Preprocessing Approach for Accelerating Convex Hull Computations on the GPU Download

A Strategy for Automatic Performance Tuning of Stencil Computations on GPUs Download

A Strategy for Automatically Generating High Performance CUDA Code for a GPU Accelerator from a Specialized Fortran Code Expression Download

A Stream Processor Cluster Architecture Model with the Hybrid Technology of MPI and CUDA

A stream-computing extension to OpenMP Download

A streaming model for nested data parallelism Download

A streaming narrow-band algorithm: interactive computation and visualization of level sets Download

A structural analysis of the A5/1 state transition graph Download

A structured parallel periodic arnoldi shooting algorithm for RF-PSS analysis based on GPU platforms Download

A Study of Complex Deep Learning Networks on High Performance, Neuromorphic, and Quantum Computers Download

A Study of CUDA Acceleration and Impact of Data Transfer Overhead in Heterogeneous Environment Download

A Study of Data Partitioning on OpenCL-based FPGAs Download

A study of integer sorting on multicores Download Package

A Study of Mixed Precision Strategies for GMRES on GPUs Download

A study of parallel evolution strategy: pattern search on a GPU computing platform

A Study of Parallel Sorting Algorithms Using CUDA and OpenMP Download

A Study of Productivity and Performance of Modern Vector Processors Download

A Study of Real-Time Lighting Effects Download

A Study of Scheduling a Neuro-imaging Application On a Heterogeneous CPU-GPU Cluster Download

A Study of Single and Multi-device Synchronization Methods in Nvidia GPUs Download Package

A Study of Successive Over-relaxation Method Parallelization Over Modern HPC Languages Download

A Study of the Parallelization of Hybrid SAT Solver using CUDA Download

A Study of the Potential of Locality-Aware Thread Scheduling for GPUs Download

A study of the speed and the accuracy of the Boundary Element Method as applied to the computational simulation of biological organs Download Package

A Study of Time and Energy Efficient Algorithms for Parallel and Heterogeneous Computing Download

A Study on Efficient Application Mapping on Parallel Computing Accelerators Download

A Study on GPU Computing and Accelerating Simulation of Sedimentary Rock Structure Download

A Study on Neural-based Code Summarization in Low-resource Settings Download Package

A Study on Parallel Imaging Algorithm of 3D Geological Data

A study on tetrahedron-based inhomogeneous Monte Carlo optical simulation Download

A Study on the Acceleration of Arrival Curve Construction and Regular Specification Mining using GPUs Download

A Study on the Intersection of GPU Utilization and CNN Inference Download

A Summary of Recent GPU Developments and Key Enabling Technologies for Digital Media Applications

A Superresolution Framework for High-Accuracy Multiview Reconstruction Download

A Survey Of Architectural Approaches for Data Compression in Cache and Main Memory Systems Download


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