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Visualisation of Physical Lung Simulation: an Interactive Application to Assist Physicians Download

Visualising Interfaces in Scalar and Vector Field-Model Simulations Download

Visualising spins and clusters in regular and small-world Ising models with GPUs Download

Visualization and Analysis of GPU Summer School Applicants and Participants

Visualization and Correction of Automated Segmentation, Tracking and Lineaging from 5-D Stem Cell Image Sequences Download

Visualization and GPU-accelerated simulation of medical ultrasound from CT images Download

Visualization assisted by parallel processing Download

Visualization in the Einstein Year 2005: a case study on explanatory and illustrative visualization of relativity and astrophysics Download

Visualization of Astronomical Nebulae via Distributed Multi-GPU Compressed Sensing Tomography Download

Visualization of Fibrous and Thread-like Data Download

Visualization of large multidimensional data sets by using multi-core CPU, GPU and MPI cluster Download

Visualization of Large Volumetric Multi-Channel Microscopy Data Streams on Standard PCs Download

Visualization of level-of-detail meshes on the GPU

Visualization of LIDAR datasets using point-based rendering technique

Visualization of OpenCL Application Execution on CPU-GPU Systems Download

Visualization of Pareto Solutions by Spherical Self-Organizing Map and It’s acceleration on a GPU Download

Visualization of structured nonuniform grids Download

Visualization Tool for GPGPU Programming Download

Visualization with stylized line primitives Download

Visualizing and Analyzing the Mona Lisa

Visualizing complex dynamics in many-core accelerator architectures Download

Visualizing Complex Functions Using GPUs Download Package

Visualizing Multiwavelength Astrophysical Data

Visualizing the Radiation of the Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability Download Package

Visualizing Trends on Twitter Download

Vivaldi: A Domain-Specific Language for Volume Processing and Visualization on Distributed Heterogeneous Systems Download

Vlasov on GPU (VOG Project) Download

VOCL: An Optimized Environment for Transparent Virtualization of Graphics Processing Units Download

Voice Command Recognition with Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) using Graphics Processing Units (GPU) with Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA)

VolQD: Direct Volume Rendering of Multi-million Atom Quantum Dot Simulations Download

Volume and Isosurface Rendering with GPU-Accelerated Cell Projection Download

Volume exploration using ellipsoidal Gaussian transfer functions Download

Volume Raycasting Performance Using DirectCompute Download

Volume rendering visualization of 3D spherical mantle convection with an unstructured mesh Download Package

Volume Visualization: A Technical Overview with a Focus on Medical Applications

Volume-preserving FFD for programmable graphics hardware Download

Volumetric Ambient Occlusion Download

Volumetric Ambient Occlusion for Real-Time Rendering and Games Download

Volumetric Rendering Techniques for Scientific Visualization Download

Voreen: A Rapid-Prototyping Environment for Ray-Casting-Based Volume Visualizations Package

Voronoi Toolpaths for PCB Mechanical Etch: Simple and Intuitive Algorithms with the 3D GPU Download

Vortex Methods for Fluid Simulation in Computer Graphics Download

Vortex methods for incompressible flow simulations on the GPU

Vortex particle method and parallel computing Download

Voxelized Minkowski sum computation on the GPU with robust culling Download

VoxelPipe: a programmable pipeline for 3D voxelization Download

Voxels on fire Download

VSIPL++ Acceleration Using Commodity Graphics Processors Download

vSMC: Parallel Sequential Monte Carlo in C++ Download Package

Vulkan 1.1.97 – A Specification (with all registered Vulkan extensions) Download

Vulnerability Analysis and Attacks on Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor Download

Vulnerable GPU Memory Management: Towards Recovering Raw Data from GPU Download

Wait-free programming for general purpose computations on graphics processors Download

Wanted: Floating-Point Add Round-off Error instruction Download Package

Warp Size Impact in GPUs: Large or Small? Download

Warp-Level Divergence in GPUs: Characterization, Impact, and Mitigation Download

Warp-Level Parallelism: Enabling Multiple Replications In Parallel on GPU Download

Warped Register File: A Power Efficient Register File for GPGPUs Download

Warps and Atomics: Beyond Barrier Synchronization in the Verification of GPU Kernels Download Package

Waste Not, Want Not! Managing relational data in asymmetric memories Download

Waste Not… Efficient Co-Processing of Relational Data Download

Water simulation based on HLSL Download

Water simulation for cell based sandbox games Download

Water Surface Animation using Damped Wave Equation and CUDA Acceleration Download

wav2letter++: The Fastest Open-source Speech Recognition System Download Package

Wave field synthesis for 3D audio: architectural prospectives Download

Wavefront raycasting using larger filter kernels for on-the-fly GPU gradient reconstruction

Wavelet Encoding and Multi-GPU Programming Download

Wavelet Model-based Stereo for Fast, Robust Face Reconstruction Download

WAYPOINT: scaling coherence to thousand-core architectures Download

Weak execution ordering – exploiting iterative methods on many-core GPUs Download

WebCL for Hardware-Accelerated Web Applications Download Package

Weighted Block-Asynchronous Iteration on GPU-Accelerated Systems Download

Weighted Residuals for Very Deep Networks Download

What you see is what you snap: snapping to geometry deformed on the GPU Download

Where is the data? Why you cannot debate CPU vs. GPU performance without the answer Download

Whippletree: Task-based Scheduling of Dynamic Workloads on the GPU Download Package

Whole-function vectorization Download

Why does PHM matter? – Nvidia’s GPU problems reviewed

Why it is time for a HyPE: A Hybrid Query Processing Engine for Efficient GPU Coprocessing in DBMS Download

Wideband Channelization for Software-Defined Radio via Mobile Graphics Processors Download

Wilson and Domainwall Kernels on Oakforest-PACS Download Package

Wire Speed Name Lookup: A GPU-based Approach Download

Wireless Interference Identification with Convolutional Neural Networks Download

Work Efficient Parallel Algorithms for Large Graph Exploration Download

Work in Progress: Vortex Detection and Visualization for Design of Micro Air Vehicles and Turbomachinery Download

Work Stealing Inside GPUs Download

Work-Efficient Parallel GPU Methods for Single-Source Shortest Paths Download Package

Workload Analysis and Efficient OpenCL-based Implementation of SIFT Algorithm on a Smartphone Download

Workload and network-optimized computing systems

Workload Aware Algorithms for Heterogeneous Platforms Download

Workload Balancing on Heterogeneous Systems: A Case Study of Sparse Grid Interpolation Download

Workload Characterization of 3D Games Download

Workload distribution and balancing in FPGAs and CPUs with OpenCL and TBB Download

Workload-aware Automatic Parallelization for Multi-GPU DNN Training Download

WPA/WPA2 Password Security Testing using Graphics Processing Units Download

Wrinkling Coarse Meshes on the GPU Download

Writing a modular GPGPU program in Java Download

Writing a performance-portable matrix multiplication Download Package

Writing self-adaptive codes for heterogeneous systems Download Package


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