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Using Graphics Hardware for Enhancing Edge and Circle Detection Download

Using Graphics Processing Unit to Accelerate Database Query Execution Download

Using Graphics Processing Units for Logic Simulation of Electronic Designs Download

Using graphics processing units to generate random numbers Download

Using Graphics Processing Units to Parallelize the FDK Algorithm for Tomographic Image Reconstruction Download

Using Graphics Processing Units to solve the classical N-body problem in physics and astrophysics Download Package

Using Graphics Processor Units (GPUs) for Automatic Video Structuring Download

Using Graphics Processors for a High Performance Normalization of Gene Expressions Download

Using graphics processors for high performance IR query processing Download

Using Graphics Processors for High-Performance Computation and Visualization of Plasma Turbulence

Using Graphics Processors for Parallelizing Hash-based Data Carving Download

Using Graphics Processors to Accelerate Synthetic Aperture Sonar Imaging via Backpropagation Download

Using graphics processors to accelerate the computation of the matrix inverse

Using Graphics Processors to Accelerate the Solution of Out-of-Core Linear Systems Download

Using Graphics Processors to Facilitate Explicit Digital Electrochemical Simulation: Theory of Elliptical Disc Electrodes

Using high performance computing and Monte Carlo simulation for pricing american options Download

Using High Performance Computing for Optimizing Credit Risk Calculation Download

Using High Performance Computing to Improve Image Guided Cancer Treatment Download

Using Hybrid CPU-GPU Platforms to Accelerate the Computation of the Matrix Sign Function Download

Using hybrid GPU/CPU kernel splitting to accelerate spherical convolutions Download

Using Hybrid Shared and Distributed Caching for Mixed-Coherency GPU Workloads Download

Using Image Morphing for Memory-Efficient Impostor Rendering on GPU Download

Using JavaScript and WebCL for Numerical Computations: A Comparative Study of Native and Web Technologies Download Package

Using many-core hardware to correlate radio astronomy signals Download

Using Meta-heuristics and Machine Learning for Software Optimization of Parallel Computing Systems: A Systematic Literature Review Download

Using Mixed Precision for Sparse Matrix Computations to Enhance the Performance while Achieving 64-bit Accuracy Download

Using mobile GPU for general-purpose computing – a case study of face recognition on smartphones Download

Using modern graphics architectures for general-purpose computing: a framework and analysis Download

Using Modularity Metrics to assist Move Method Refactoring of Large System Download

Using multiple GPUs to accelerate string searching for digital forensic analysis Download

Using of GPUs for cluster analysis of large data by K-means method Download

Using of New Possibilities of Fermi Architecture by Development of GPGPU Programs Download

Using OpenCL for image analysis Download

Using OpenCL for Implementing Simple Parallel Graph Algorithms Download

Using OpenCL to Calculate a Pressure Field Download

Using OpenCL to Implement Median Filtering and RSA Algorithms: Two GPGPU Application Case Studies Download

Using OpenCL: Programming Massively Parallel Computers Download

Using OpenGL State History for Graphics Debugging Download

Using P System with GPU Model to Design and Implement a Public Key Cryptography Download

Using Parallel Computing for the Display and Simulation of the Space Debris Environment

Using parallel GPU architecture for simulation of planar I/F networks

Using reconfigurable computing technology to accelerate matrix decomposition and applications Download

Using Reconfigurable Logic to Optimise GPU Memory Accesses Download

Using RenderScript and RCUDA for Compute Intensive tasks on Mobile Devices: a Case Study Download

Using Shared Memory as a Cache in Cellular Automata Water Flow Simulations on GPUs Download

Using SIMD and SIMT vectorization to evaluate sparse chemical kinetic Jacobian matrices and thermochemical source terms Download Package

Using sparse optical flow for multiple Kinect applications Download

Using the CPU and GPU for real-time video enhancement on a mobile computer

Using the CPU to Improve Performance in 3D Applications Download

Using the GPGPU for Scaling Up Mining Software Repositories Download Package

Using the GPU for Fast Symmetry-Based Dense Stereo Matching in High Resolution Images Download

Using the High Productivity Language Chapel to Target GPGPU Architectures Download

Using the physics-based rendering toolkit for medical reconstruction Download Package

Using the PhysX engine for physics-based virtual surgery with force feedback Download

Using the pyMIC Offload Module in PyFR Download Package

Using the Tsetlin Machine to Learn Human-Interpretable Rules for High-Accuracy Text Categorization with Medical Applications Download Package

Using visualization to reveal weak cryptosystems Download

UT-OCL: An OpenCL Framework for Embedded Systems Using Xilinx FPGAs Download

Utilising OpenCL Framework for Ray-Tracing Acceleration Download

Utilization of GPU for real-time vision in robotics Download

Utilizing GPGPU in Computer Emulation Download Package

Utilizing GPUs to Accelerate Turbomachinery CFD Codes Download

Utilizing Graphics Processing Units for Network Anomaly Detection Download

Utilizing Graphics Processing Units for Rapid Facial Recognition Using Video Input Download

Utilizing Hierarchical Multiprocessing for Medical Image Registration Download

Utilizing jump flooding in image-based soft shadows Download

Utilizing massive parallelism in decoding of modern error-correcting codes for accelerating communication systems simulations Download

Utilizing state-of-art NeuroES and GPGPU to optimize Mario AI Download Package

Valar: A Benchmark Suite to Study the Dynamic Behavior of Heterogeneous Systems Download

Validation of the PyGBe code for Poisson-Boltzmann equation with boundary element methods Download Package

Value Prediction and Speculative Execution on GPU Download

ValuePack: value-based scheduling framework for CPU-GPU clusters Download

Variable Bit Rate GPU Texture Decompression Download

Variable selection in a GPU cluster using delta test Download

Variants of Jump Flooding Algorithm for Computing Discrete Voronoi Diagrams Download

Variants of Mersenne Twister Suitable for Graphic Processors Download Package

Variational Bayesian Image Super-Resolution with GPU Acceleration Download

Various String Matching Algorithms for DNA Sequences to Detect Breast Cancer using CUDA Processors Download

VASP on a GPU: application to exact-exchange calculations of the stability of elemental boron Download

vCUDA Framework Development for GPU Virtualization Download Package

vCUDA: GPU accelerated high performance computing in virtual machines

VDBSCAN+: Performance Optimization Based on GPU Parallelism Download

Vector and Line Quantization for Billion-scale Similarity Search on GPUs Download

Vector graphics depicting marbling flow Download

Vector Quantization: A Many-Core Approach Download

Vectorization of Hybrid Breadth First Search on the Intel Xeon Phi Download

Vectorized algorithm for multidimensional Monte Carlo integration on modern GPU, CPU and MIC architectures Download

Vectorized Higher Order Finite Difference Kernels Download

Vectorized OpenCL implementation of numerical integration for higher order finite elements Download

Vendors Draw up a New Graphics-Hardware Approach

Vergence Using GPU Cepstral Filtering Download

Verifiable Computation with Massively Parallel Interactive Proofs Download Package

Verification of Producer-Consumer Synchronization in GPU Programs Download Package

Verification of Program Parallelization Download

Verifying CUDA Programs using SMT-Based Context-Bounded Model Checking Download Package

Verifying GPU Kernels by Test Amplification Download

VertexAPI2 – A Vertex-Program API for Large Graph Computations on the GPU Download Package

Very fast ellipse detection using GPU-based RHT Download

Very Fast Non-Dominated Sorting Download

VHF SAR image formation implemented on a GPU


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