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FPGA Based Acceleration of Decimal Operations Download

FPGA Based High Performance and Scalable Block LU Decomposition Architecture

FPGA Based Implementation of Deep Neural Networks Using On-chip Memory Only Download

FPGA Based Satisfiability Checking Download

FPGA based Speeded Up Robust Features Download

FPGA implementation of a Convolutional Neural Network for "Wake up word" detection Download

FPGA Implementation of Reduced Precision Convolutional Neural Networks Download

FPGA in HPC: High Level Synthesys of OpenCL kernels for Molecular Dynamics Download

FPGA vs. GPU for sparse matrix vector multiply Download

FPGA vs. multi-core CPUs vs. GPUs: hands-on experience with a sorting application Download

FPGA-Accelerated Image Processing Using High Level Synthesis with OpenCL Download

FPGA-based acceleration of a particle simulation High Performance Computing application Download

FPGA-based acceleration of CHARMM-potential minimization Download

FPGA-based Acceleration of FT Convolution for Pulsar Search Using OpenCL Download

FPGA-Based Accelerator Design from a Domain-Specific Language Download

FPGA-Based Design of Numerical Algorithms for Kernel Density Estimation Using High Level Synthesis Approach Download

FPGA-based Tsunami Simulation: Performance Comparison with GPUs, and Roofline Model for Scalability Analysis Download

FPGA-GPU architecture for kernel SVM pedestrian detection Download

FPGA-GPU-CPU Heterogenous Architecture for Real-time Cardiac Physiological Optical Mapping Download

FPGA: An Efficient And Promising Platform For Real-Time Image Processing Applications Download

fpgaConvNet: A Toolflow for Mapping Diverse Convolutional Neural Networks on Embedded FPGAs Download

FPGAs, GPUs and the PS2 – A Single Programming Methodology Download

Fractal Art Generation using GPUs Download

Fractal Based Method on Hardware Acceleration for Natural Environments Download

Fractal Video Compression in OpenCL: An Evaluation of CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs as Acceleration Platforms Download

Fractals Image Rendering and Compression using GPUs Download

Frame-based parallelization of MPEG-4 on compute unified device architecture (CUDA) Download

Framework for Batched and GPU-resident Factorization Algorithms Applied to Block Householder Transformations Download

Framework for Parallel Kernels Auto-tuning Download Package

Framework for utilizing computational devices within simulation Download

Frameworks for GPU Accelerators: A comprehensive evaluation using 2D/3D image registration Download

Frameworks for multi-core architectures: a comprehensive evaluation using 2D/3D image registration Download

Free Launch: Optimizing GPU Dynamic Kernel Launches through Thread Reuse Download

Free surface flow simulations on GPGPUs using the LBM Download

Free-form interest rate term structure decomposition: a 2nd order optimization problem Download

Frequent itemset mining on graphics processors Download

From Constraint Programming to Heterogeneous Parallelism Download

From CUDA to OpenCL: Towards a Performance-portable Solution for Multi-platform GPU Programming Download

From English To Foreign Languages: Transferring Pre-trained Language Models Download

From Experiment to Design – Fault Characterization and Detection in Parallel Computer Systems Using Computational Accelerators Download

From MPI to MPI+OpenACC: Conversion of a legacy FORTRAN PCG solver for the spherical Laplace equation Download

From OpenCL to Gates: the FFT Download

From Parallel Programs to Customized Parallel Processors Download

From Physics Model to Results: An Optimizing Framework for Cross-Architecture Code Generation Download

From Pixels to Torques: Policy Learning using Deep Dynamical Convolutional Networks Download Package

From Rendering to Tracking Point-based 3D Models

From Sparse Matrix to Optimal GPU CUDA Sparse Matrix Vector Product Implementation

FSAI preconditioned CG algorithm combined with GPU technique for the finite element analysis of electromagnetic scattering problems

FSCL: Homogeneous programming, scheduling and execution on heterogeneous platforms Download Package

FSimGP^2: An Efficient Fault Simulator with GPGPU

Full Covariance Gaussian Mixture Models Evaluation on GPU Download

Full reconstruction of a 14-qubit state within four hours Download

Full Speed Ahead: 3D Spatial Database Acceleration with GPUs Download

Full system simulation of many-core heterogeneous SoCs using GPU and QEMU semihosting Download

Full-Parallax Hologram Synthesis of Triangular Meshes using a Graphical Processing Unit Download

Full-resolution interactive CPU volume rendering with coherent BVH traversal

Full-Speed Deterministic Bit-Accurate Parallel Floating-Point Summation on Multi- and Many-Core Architectures Download

Full-stack Optimization for Accelerating CNNs with FPGA Validation Download Package

Full-System Simulation of Mobile CPU/GPU Platforms Download

Fully 3-D List-Mode OSEM Accelerated by Graphics Processing Units Download

Fully 3D list-mode time-of-flight PET image reconstruction on GPUs using CUDA Download

Fully accelerating quantum Monte Carlo simulations of real materials on GPU clusters Download Package

Fully automatic extraction of salient objects from videos in near real-time Download

Fully GPU based real time corrections and reconstruction for cone beam micro CT

Fully Parallel Particle Learning for GPGPUs and Other Parallel Devices Download

Fully-3D GPU PET reconstruction

Function Call Re-Vectorization Download Package

Functional and dynamic programming in the design of parallel prefix networks Download

Functional High Performance Financial IT Download

Functional Programming for High-Performance Computing on Heterogeneous Architectures Download

Functional Signal Processing with Pure and Faust Using the LLVM Toolkit Download

Fused DTI/HARDI Visualization Download

Fusion of Morphological Images for Airborne Target Detection Download

FusionAccel: A General Re-configurable Deep Learning Inference Accelerator on FPGA for Convolutional Neural Networks Download

FusionSim: Characterizing the Performance Benefits of Fused CPU/GPU Systems Download Package

FusionStitching: Boosting Execution Efficiency of Memory Intensive Computations for DL Workloads Download

FusionStitching: Deep Fusion and Code Generation for Tensorflow Computations on GPUs Download

Futhark Vulkan Backend Download Package

Future graphics architectures Download

Future of GPGPU Micro-Architectural Parameters Download

FUX-Sim: Implementation of a fast universal simulation/reconstruction framework for X-ray systems Download

Fuzzy ART Neural Network Parallel Computing on the GPU Download

FuzzyGPU: a fuzzy arithmetic library for GPU Download Package

G-CP: Providing Fault Tolerance on the GPU through Software Checkpointing Download

G-Heart: A GPU-based System for Electrophysiological Simulation and Multi-modality Cardiac Visualization Download

G-NET: Effective GPU Sharing in NFV Systems Download

G-NetMon: A GPU-accelerated Network Performance Monitoring System Download

G-NetMon: A GPU-accelerated Network Performance Monitoring System for Large Scale Scientific Collaborations Download

G-SNPM – A GPU-based SNP mapping tool Download Package

GA3C: GPU-based A3C for Deep Reinforcement Learning Download

GACO: A GPU-based High Performance Parallel Multi-ant Colony Optimization Algorithm Download

GaDei: On Scale-up Training As A Service For Deep Learning Download

GAIN: GPU-based Constraint Checking for Context Consistency Download

GALAMOST: GPU-accelerated large-scale molecular simulation toolkit Download

GALARIO: a GPU Accelerated Library for Analysing Radio Interferometer Observations Download Package

Galerkin-based multi-scale time integration for nonlinear structural dynamics Download

GamePipe: A Virtualized Cloud Platform Design and Performance Evaluation Download

GAMER with out-of-core computation Download

GAMER-2: a GPU-accelerated adaptive mesh refinement code — accuracy, performance, and scalability Download Package

GAMER: a GPU-Accelerated Adaptive Mesh Refinement Code for Astrophysics Download


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