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An Implementation of the Discontinuous Galerkin Method on Graphics Processing Units Download Package

An Implementation of the Smooth Particle Mesh Ewald Method on GPU Hardware

An implementation of the tile QR factorization for a GPU and multiple CPUs Download

An implicit multigrid solver for high-order compressible flow simulations on GPUs Download

An implicit Tensor-Mass solver on the GPU for soft bodies simulation Download

An Improved CUDA-Based Implementation of Differential Evolution on GPU Download

An Improved Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on GPU Parallel Computing Download

An improved implementation of Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Method on GPU Download

An Improved Magma Gemm For Fermi Graphics Processing Units Download Package

An Improved Monte Carlo Ray Tracing for Large-Scale Rendering in Hadoop Download

An Improved Parallel Algorithm using GPU for Siting Observers on Terrain Download

An improved parallel contrast-aware halftoning Download

An Improved Parallel Implementation of 3D DRIE Simulation on GPU Download

An improved scheme of an interactive finite element model for 3D soft-tissue cutting and deformation Download

An Improved Study of Physically Based Fluid Simulation on GPU

An improved study of real-time fluid simulation on GPU Download

An improved visual inspection system using visual servo

An in-depth performance analysis of irregular workloads on VLIW APU Download

An In-depth Performance Characterization of CPU- and GPU-based DNN Training on Modern Architectures Download

An Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations Solver on the GPU Using CUDA Download

An initial performance review of software components for a heterogeneous computing platform Download

An innovative compilation tool-chain for embedded multi-core architectures Download

An instruction-systolic programmable shader architecture for multi-threaded 3D graphics processing

An Integrated Framework for Feature Extraction, Object Recognition and Stereo Vision with GPU support Download

An integrated GPU power and performance model Download

An intelligent semi-automatic application porting system for application accelerators

An intelligent system for accelerating parallel SVM classification problems on large datasets using GPU

An Interest Point Based Illumination Condition Matching Approach to Photometric Registration Within Augmented Reality Worlds Download

An Interface for Halo Exchange Pattern Download

An Intermediate Library for Multi-GPUs Computing Skeletons Download

An Interrupt-Driven Work-Sharing For-Loop Scheduler Download Package

An Introduction to GPU Accelerated Surgical Simulation Download

An Introduction to High Performance Computing on AWS Download

An Introduction to OpenCL C++ Download

An Introduction to the OpenCL Programming Model Download

An introductory tour of interactive rendering Download

An Investigation into Concurrent Expectation Propagation Download

An Investigation of Atomic Synchronization for Sort-Based Group-By Aggregation on GPUs Download

An investigation of GPU-based stiff chemical kinetics integration methods Download

An Investigation of the Performance Portability of OpenCL Download Package

An Investigation of Unified Memory Access Performance in CUDA Download

An MDE Approach for Automatic Code Generation from MARTE to OpenCL Download

An MPI-Based Python Framework for Distributed Training with Keras Download Package

An MPI-CUDA Implementation and Optimization for Parallel Sparse Equations and Least Squares (LSQR) Download

An MPI-CUDA Implementation for Massively Parallel Incompressible Flow Computations on Multi-GPU Clusters Download

An MPI-CUDA Implementation for the Compression of DEM Download

An MPI-CUDA implementation of an improved Roe method for two-layer shallow water systems Download

An N log N Parallel Fast Direct Solver for Kernel Matrices Download Package

An octree-based proxy for collision detection in large-scale particle systems Download

An On-Demand Fast Parallel Pseudo Random Number Generator with Applications Download

An open framework for rapid prototyping of signal processing applications Download

An open source finite-difference time-domain solver for room acoustics using graphics processing units Download Package

An open source MATLAB program for fast numerical Feynman integral calculations for open quantum system dynamics on GPUs Download

An Open-Source GPU-Accelerated Feature Extraction Tool Download

An OpenCL 3D FFT for Molecular Dynamics Simulations on Multiple FPGAs Download

An OpenCL design of the Bob Jenkins lookup3 hash function using the Xilinx SDAccel Development Environment Download

An OpenCL Fast Fourier Transformation Download

An OpenCL framework for heterogeneous multicores with local memory

An OpenCL implementation for the solution of TDSE on GPU and CPU architectures Download

An OpenCL implementation of a forward sampling algorithm for CP-logic Download

An OpenCL Method of Parallel Sorting Algorithms for GPU Architecture Download

An OpenCL Runtime and Scheduler for Embedded Multicore DSP Parallel Systems Download

An OpenCL-based Implementation of H.264 Encoder Download

An OpenCL-based Monte Carlo dose calculation engine (oclMC) for coupled photon-electron transport Download

An OpenCL(TM) Deep Learning Accelerator on Arria 10 Download

An OpenMP Programming Environment on Mobile Devices Download

An optimal k-exclusion real-time locking protocol motivated by multi-GPU systems Download

An Optimal Offline Permutation Algorithm on the Hierarchical Memory Machine, with the GPU implementation Download

An optimised multi-baseline approach for on-line MR-temperature monitoring on commodity graphics hardware Download

An optimised radial basis function algorithm for fast non-rigid registration of medical images

An Optimization for Fast Generation of Digital Hologram Download

An optimized algorithm for discrete element system analysis using CUDA Download

An optimized GPU implementation of a 2D free surface simulation model on unstructured meshes Download

An Optimized GPU Memory Hierarchy Design for an OpenCL Kernel Download

An Optimized Large-Scale Hybrid DGEMM Design for CPUs and ATI GPUs Download Package

An Optimized Multiple Right-Hand Side Dslash Kernel for Intel Xeon Phi Download

An Optimized Parallel IDCT on Graphics Processing Units Download

An optimizing multi-platform source-to-source compiler framework for the NEURON MODeling Language Download Package

An Out-of-core GPU Approach for Accelerating Geostatistical Interpolation Download

An Overview of Miscellaneous Applications of GPU Computing Download

An Overview of Selected Hybrid and Reconfigurable Architectures Download

An overview of techniques for predicting the performance of GPU accelerated applications Download

An Overview on the Latest Nature-Inspired and Metaheuristics-Based Image Registration Algorithms Download

An Ultra-Fast, Optimized and Massively-Parallelized Curvelet Transform Algorithm on GP-GPUs Download

An Ultrafast Scalable Many-core Motif Discovery Algorithm for Multiple GPUs Download Package

An ultrasonic imaging system based on a new SAFT approach and a GPU beamformer Download

An unsupervised parallel genetic cluster algorithm for graphics processing units Download

Analysing Astronomy Algorithms for GPUs and Beyond Download

Analysing the Performance of GPU Hash Tables for State Space Exploration Download

Analysis & Design of Efficient Cryptographic Systems Download Package

Analysis Acceleration in TMVA for the ATLAS Experiment at CERN using GPU Computing Download

Analysis and implementation of a BLAST-Like algorithm for MIC architectures Download

Analysis and Implementation of eSTREAM and SHA-3 Cryptographic Algorithms Download

Analysis and Modeling of the Timing Behavior of GPU Architectures Download

Analysis and optimization of power consumption in the iterative solution of sparse linear systems on multi-core and many-core platforms Download

Analysis and Optimization Techniques for Massively Parallel Processors Download

Analysis and Parameter Prediction of Compiler Transformation for Graphics Processors Download Package

Analysis and performance estimation of the conjugate gradient method on multiple GPUs Download

Analysis and Review of Sorting Algorithms Download

Analysis of 3-dimensional electromagnetic fields in dispersive media using cuda Download


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