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An optimal k-exclusion real-time locking protocol motivated by multi-GPU systems Download

An Optimal Offline Permutation Algorithm on the Hierarchical Memory Machine, with the GPU implementation Download

An optimised multi-baseline approach for on-line MR-temperature monitoring on commodity graphics hardware Download

An optimised radial basis function algorithm for fast non-rigid registration of medical images

An Optimization for Fast Generation of Digital Hologram Download

An optimized algorithm for discrete element system analysis using CUDA Download

An optimized GPU implementation of a 2D free surface simulation model on unstructured meshes Download

An Optimized GPU Memory Hierarchy Design for an OpenCL Kernel Download

An Optimized Large-Scale Hybrid DGEMM Design for CPUs and ATI GPUs Download Package

An Optimized Multiple Right-Hand Side Dslash Kernel for Intel Xeon Phi Download

An Optimized Parallel IDCT on Graphics Processing Units Download

An optimizing multi-platform source-to-source compiler framework for the NEURON MODeling Language Download Package

An Out-of-core GPU Approach for Accelerating Geostatistical Interpolation Download

An Overview of Miscellaneous Applications of GPU Computing Download

An Overview of Selected Hybrid and Reconfigurable Architectures Download

An overview of techniques for predicting the performance of GPU accelerated applications Download

An Ultra-Fast, Optimized and Massively-Parallelized Curvelet Transform Algorithm on GP-GPUs Download

An Ultrafast Scalable Many-core Motif Discovery Algorithm for Multiple GPUs Download Package

An ultrasonic imaging system based on a new SAFT approach and a GPU beamformer Download

An unsupervised parallel genetic cluster algorithm for graphics processing units Download

Analysing Astronomy Algorithms for GPUs and Beyond Download

Analysing the Performance of GPU Hash Tables for State Space Exploration Download

Analysis & Design of Efficient Cryptographic Systems Download Package

Analysis Acceleration in TMVA for the ATLAS Experiment at CERN using GPU Computing Download

Analysis and implementation of a BLAST-Like algorithm for MIC architectures Download

Analysis and Implementation of eSTREAM and SHA-3 Cryptographic Algorithms Download

Analysis and Modeling of the Timing Behavior of GPU Architectures Download

Analysis and optimization of power consumption in the iterative solution of sparse linear systems on multi-core and many-core platforms Download

Analysis and Optimization Techniques for Massively Parallel Processors Download

Analysis and Parameter Prediction of Compiler Transformation for Graphics Processors Download Package

Analysis and performance estimation of the conjugate gradient method on multiple GPUs Download

Analysis and Review of Sorting Algorithms Download

Analysis of 3-dimensional electromagnetic fields in dispersive media using cuda Download

Analysis of a Computational Biology Simulation Technique on Emerging Processing Architectures Download

Analysis of A Splitting Approach for the Parallel Solution of Linear Systems on GPU Cards Download Package

Analysis of Genetic Expression with Microarrays using GPU Implemented Algorithms Download

Analysis of GPGPU Platforms Efficiency in General-Purpose Computations Download

Analysis of GPU accelerated OpenCL applications on the Intel HD 4600 GPU Download

Analysis of GPU Parallel Computing based on Matlab Download

Analysis of GPU-based convolution for acoustic wave propagation modeling with finite differences: Fortran to CUDA-C step-by-step Download

Analysis of illumination conditions at the lunar south pole using parallel computing techniques Download

Analysis of KECCAK Tree Hashing on GPU Architectures Download

Analysis of Metallic Nanostructures by a Discontinuous Galerkin Time-Domain Maxwell Solver on Graphics Processing Units Download

Analysis of Multicore CPU and GPU Toward Parallelization of Total Focusing Method Ultrasound Reconstruction Download

Analysis of Parallel Montgomery Multiplication in CUDA Download

Analysis of Parallel Sorting Algorithms on Heterogeneous Processors with OpenCL Download

Analysis of periodic anisotropic media by means of split-field FDTD method and GPU computing Download

Analysis of periodic structures with GPU accelerating

Analysis of Real-Time Stereo Vision Algorithms On GPU Download

Analysis of RSA algorithm using GPU programming Download

Analysis of Single Phase Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Slip Flow Regime by Parallel Implementation of Lattice Boltzmann Method on GPUs Download Package

Analysis of SuperLU Solvers on Intel MIC Architecture Download

Analysis of Surface Folding Patterns of DICCCOLS Using the GPU-Optimized Geodesic Field Estimate Download

Analysis of the Performance of the Fish School Search Algorithm Running in Graphic Processing Units Download

Analysis-Driven Design of Parallel Floating-Point Matrix Multiplication for Implementation in Reconfigurable Logic Download

Analysis-driven Engineering of Comparison-based Sorting Algorithms on GPUs Download

Analytic Anti-Aliasing of Linear Functions on Polytopes Download

Analytic Antialiasing for Selective High Fidelity Rendering Download

Analytic Visibility on the GPU Download

Analytical motion blur rasterization with compression Download

Analytical Study of Various High Performance Computing Paradigms Download

Analyzing and Improving the Performance of Spatial Database Processing Download

Analyzing CUDA workloads using a detailed GPU simulator Download

Analyzing CUDA’s Compiler through the Visualization of Decoded GPU Binaries Download

Analyzing GPU Tensor Core Potential for Fast Reductions Download

Analyzing Locality of Memory References in GPU Architectures Download

Analyzing Memory Accesses for Performance and Correctness of Parallel Programs Download

Analyzing Optimization Techniques for Power Efficiency on Heterogeneous Platforms Download

Analyzing Password Strength and Efficient Password Cracking Download

Analyzing program flow within a many-kernel OpenCL application Download

Analyzing Soft-Error Vulnerability on GPGPU Microarchitecture Download

Analyzing the CUDA Applications with its Latency and Bandwidth Tolerance Download

Analyzing throughput of GPGPUs exploiting within-die core-to-core frequency variation

Analyzing Use of OpenCL on the Cell Broadband Engine and a Proposal for OpenCL Extensions Download

Anatomy Of High-Performance Deep Learning Convolutions On SIMD Architectures Download Package

Anatomy of High-Performance Many-Threaded Matrix Multiplication Download Package

Android Malware Classification Using Parallelized Machine Learning Methods Download

Animating physically based explosions in real-time

Animation of Orthogonal Texture Patterns for Vector Field Visualization Download

Anisotropic interfacial tension, contact angles, and line tensions: A graphics-processing-unit-based Monte Carlo study of the Ising model Download

Anisotropic Kuwahara Filtering on the GPU

Anisotropic mesh coarsening and refinement on GPU architecture Download

Anisotropic noise Download

Anomalous behaviour detection using spatiotemporal oriented energies, subset inclusion histogram comparison and event-driven processing Download

Anomalous metastability in a temperature-driven transition Download

Anomalous Structure and Scaling of Ring Polymer Brushes Download

Anti-parallel Patterns in Fine-grain Data-parallel Programs Download

ANTS2 package: simulation and experimental data processing for Anger camera type detectors Download Package

AnySL: efficient and portable shading for ray tracing Download Package

Anytime Algorithms for GPU Architectures Download

APEnet+: a 3D toroidal network enabling Petaflops scale Lattice QCD simulations on commodity clusters Download

APEnet+: high bandwidth 3D torus direct network for petaflops scale commodity clusters Download

APHOG: A Framework for Fast Object Detection Using Histograms of Oriented Gradients Download

API-Compiling for Image Hardware Accelerators Download

APL on GPUs: A TAIL from the Past, Scribbled in Futhark Download Package

APOGEE: adaptive prefetching on GPUs for energy efficiency Download

Applicability of GPU Computing for Efficient Merge in In-Memory Databases Download

Application level energy measurements and models for hybrid platform with accelerators Download

Application of Assembly of Finite Element Methods on Graphics Processors for Real-Time Elastodynamics Download

Application of Deep-Learning to Compiler-Based Graphs Download


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