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Application of the Characteristic Basis Function Method using CUDA Download

Application of the Mean Field Methods to MRF Optimization in Computer Vision Download

Application of the OpenCL API for Implementation of the NIPALS Algorithm for Principal Component Analysis of Large Data Sets Download

Application Synthesis and Optimization on Heterogeneous Parallel Processing Systems Download

Application-guided tool development for architecturally diverse computation Download

Application-independent accurate mouse placements on surfaces of arbitrary geometry Download

Applications of Linux-Based QT-CUDA Parallel Architecture Download

Applications of Many-Core Technologies to On-line Event Reconstruction in High Energy Physics Experiments Download

Applications Performance on GPGPUs with the Fermi Architecture Download

Applying Contact Angle to a Two-Dimensional Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) model on a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Platform Download

Applying Genetic Algorithms to Tune Heterogeneous Platform Configurations Download

Applying GPU Dynamic Parallelism to High-Performance Normalization of Gene Expressions Download

Applying graphics processor acceleration in a software defined radio prototyping environment Download

Applying Object Oriented Design Patterns to CUDA based Pyramidal Image Blending – An Experience Download

Applying OOC Techniques in the Reduction to Condensed Form for Very Large Symmetric Eigenproblems on GPUs Download

Applying software-managed caching and CPU/GPU task scheduling for accelerating dynamic workloads Download Package

Applying Source Level Auto-Vectorization to Aparapi Java Download

Applying the “Simple Accelerator Modelling in MATLAB” (SAMM) Code to High Luminosity LHC Upgrade Download

Applying the Parallel GPU Model to Radiation Therapy Treatment Download

Approaches for parallelizing reductions on modern GPUs

Approaches for the Parallelization of Software Implementation of Integer Multiplication Download

Approximate Belief Propagation by Hierarchical Averaging of Outgoing Messages Download

Approximate Dynamic Programming and Neural Networks on Game Hardware Download

Approximate dynamic programming with post-decision states as a solution method for dynamic economic models Download

Approximate Principal Direction Trees Download

Approximate Similarity Search for Online Multimedia Services on Distributed CPU-GPU Platforms Download

Approximate Subdivision Surface Evaluation in the Language of Linear Algebra Download

Approximation of BEM matrices using GPGPUs Download

Approximation of Loop Subdivision Surfaces for Fast Rendering

Approximative inference for multivariate functional data on massively parallel processors Download

APTCC: Auto Parallelizing Translator From C To CUDA Download

APUNet: Revitalizing GPU as Packet Processing Accelerator Download

AQsort: Scalable Multi-Array In-Place Sorting with OpenMP Download Package

AQUAgpusph, a free 3D SPH solver accelerated with OpenCL Download

Aquila 2.0: Software Architecture for Cognitive Robotics Download Package

Aquila: An Open-Source GPU-Accelerated Toolkit for Cognitive Robotics Research Download Package

Arbitrary dimension Reed-Solomon coding and decoding for extended RAID on GPUs Download

Arbitrary-Precision Arithmetics on the GPU Download

Architecting an LTE Base Station with Graphics Processing Units Download

Architecting graphics processors for non-graphics compute acceleration Download

Architectural Analysis and Performance Characterization of NVIDIA GPUs using Microbenchmarking Download

Architectural Comparisons for a Quantum Monte Carlo Application Download

Architectural Considerations for Compiler-guided Unroll-and-Jam of CUDA Kernels Download

Architectural Exploration and Scheduling Methods for Coarse Grained Reconfigurable Arrays Download

Architectural explorations for streaming accelerators with customized memory layouts Download

Architectural improvements and 28 nm FPGA implementation of the APEnet+ 3D Torus network for hybrid HPC systems Download

Architectural Principles and Experimentation of Distributed High Performance Virtual Clusters Download

Architectural Support for the Stream Execution Model on General-Purpose Processors Download

Architectural Support for Virtual Memory in GPUs Download

Architecture Comparisons between Nvidia and ATI GPUs: Computation Parallelism and Data Communications Download

Architecture of the real-time target detection processing in an airborne hyperspectral demonstrator system

Architecture-Adaptive Code Variant Tuning Download Package

Architecture-and Workload-Aware Heterogeneous Algorithms for Sparse Matrix Vector Multiplication Download

Architecture-Aware Algorithms and Software for Peta and Exascale Computing Download

Architecture-Aware Mapping and Optimization on a 1600-Core GPU Download

Architecture-Aware Mapping and Optimization on Heterogeneous Computing Systems Download

Architecture-Aware Optimization on a 1600-core Graphics Processor Download

Architecture-Aware Optimization Targeting Multithreaded Stream Computing Download

Architecture-based Performance Evaluation of Genetic Algorithms on Multi/Many-core Systems Download

Architecture, Design, and Experimental Evaluation of a Lightfield Descriptor Depth Buffer Algorithm on Reconfigurable Logic and on a GPU

Are Very Deep Neural Networks Feasible on Mobile Devices? Download

Arioc: high-throughput read alignment with GPU-accelerated exploration of the seed-and-extend search space Download Package

Aristotle: A Performance Impact Indicator for the OpenCL Kernels Using Local Memory Download Package

ARKCoS: Artifact-Suppressed Accelerated Radial Kernel Convolution on the Sphere Download

Array Program Transformation with Loo.py by Example: High-Order Finite Elements Download Package

ART vs. NDK vs. GPU acceleration: A study of performance of image processing algorithms on Android Download

Articulated object tracking by rendering consistent appearance parts Download

Artifact-Free Decompression and Zooming of JPEG Compressed Images with Total Generalized Variation Download

Artifact-Free JPEG Decompression with Total Generalized Variation Download

Artificial neural network computation on graphic process unit Download

Artificial Neural Network Simulation on CUDA Download

ARVO-CL: The OpenCL version of the ARVO package – An efficient tool for computing the accessible surface area and the excluded volume of proteins via analytical equations Download

ASAMgpu V1.0-a moist fully compressible atmospheric model using graphics processing units (GPUs) Download

Aspects of GPU for general purpose high performance computing Download

Assembling large mosaics of electron microscope images using GPU Download

Assembly of finite element methods on graphics processors Download

Assembly-Free Large-Scale Modal Analysis on the GPU Download

Assembly-Free Structural Dynamics On CPU and GPU Download

Assessing Accelerator-Based HPC Reverse Time Migration

Assessing the hardness of SVP algorithms in the presence of CPUs and GPUs Download

Assessing the Performance-Energy Balance of Graphics Processors for Spectral Unmixing Download

Assessment of GPU computational enhancement to a 2D flood model

Astronomical Photometric Data Reduction Using GPGPU Download

Astrophysical data mining with GPU. A case study: genetic classification of globular clusters Download

Astrophysical Particle Simulations on Heterogeneous CPU-GPU Systems Download

Astrophysical Particle Simulations with Custom GPU Clusters Download

Astrophysical particle simulations with large custom GPU clusters on three continents Download

Astrophysical particle simulations with large custom GPU clusters on three continents Download

Astrophysical Supercomputing with GPUs: Critical Decisions for Early Adopters Download

Astrophysical-oriented Computational multi-Architectural Framework Download

Asymptotic Peak Utilisation in Heterogeneous Parallel CPU/GPU Pipelines: A Decentralised Queue Monitoring Strategy Download

Asynchronous Communication for Finite-Difference Simulations on GPU Clusters using CUDA and MPI Download

Asynchronous Communication Schemes for Finite Difference Methods on Multiple GPUs Download

Asynchronous Methods for Deep Reinforcement Learning Download

Asynchronous OpenCL/MPI numerical simulations of conservation laws Download

Asynchronous Parallel Computing Algorithm implemented in 1D Heat Equation with CUDA Download

Asynchronous Parallel Computing Model of Global Motion Estimation with CUDA Download

ATI Stream Profiler: a tool to optimize an OpenCL kernel on ATI Radeon GPUs Download

Atmospheric Chemistry Download

Atomic-free Irregular Computations on GPUs Download Package


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