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Unified – A Sharp Turn in the Latest Era of Graphic Processors Download

Unified Deep Learning with CPU, GPU, and FPGA Technologies Download

Unified Development for Mixed Multi-GPU and Multi-Coprocessor Environments using a Lightweight Runtime Environment Download

Unified Parallel C for GPU Clusters: Language Extensions and Compiler Implementation Download

Unified Particle Physics for Real-Time Applications Download

Unified system of code transformation and execution for heterogeneous multi-core architectures Download

Unified Tables for Exponential and Logarithm Families Download

Uniform partitioning of Monte Carlo radiosity on GPUs

Unifying stream based and reconfigurable computing to design application accelerators Download

Unleashing the Power of Distributed CPU/GPU Architectures: Massive Astronomical Data Analysis and Visualization case study Download

Unlocking Bandwidth for GPUs in CC-NUMA Systems Download

Unsafe Floating-point to Unsigned Integer Casting Check for GPU Programs Download

Unstructured grid applications on GPU: performance analysis and improvement Download

Unsupervised Asset Cluster Analysis Implemented with Parallel Genetic Algorithms on the NVIDIA CUDA Platform Download

Unsupervised Markovian Segmentation on Graphics Hardware Download

Up to 700k GPU cores, Kepler, and the Exascale future for simulations of star clusters around black holes Download Package

UPC on MIC: Early Experiences with Native and Symmetric Modes Download

Urban Regional Seismic Damage Prediction Based On GPU-CPU Hybrid Computing Download

Usable assembly language for GPUs: a success story Download

Usage of GPU in LS-DYNA Download

Use NVIDIA CUDA technology to create genetic algorithms with extensive population Download

Use of Checkpoint-Restart for Complex HEP Software on Traditional Architectures and Intel MIC Download

Use of CUDA for the Continuous Space Language Model Download

Use of CUDA Parallel Computing Technology in Modeling of Solid Mineral Deposits Download

Use of FPGA or GPU-based architectures for remotely sensed hyperspectral image processing Download

Use of modern GPUs in Design Optimization Download

Use of Multi-GPU Systems for Larger Than Device FFTs: With Applications in Ultrasound Simulations Download

Use of Multiple GPUs on Shared Memory Multiprocessors for Ultrasound Propagation Simulations Download

Use of Multiple GPUs to Speedup the Execution of a Three-Dimensional Computational Model of the Innate Immune System Download

Uses of GPU Powered Interval Optimization for Parameter Identification in the Context of SO Fuel Cells Download

Using a GPU to accelerate die and mold fabrication Download

Using a GPU-CPU architecture to speed up a GA-based real-time system for trading the stock market

Using a GPU, Online Diarization – Offline Diarization Download

Using an OpenCL Framework to Evaluate Interconnect Implementations on FPGAs Download

Using Artificial Intelligence in Computational Games Download

Using Butterfly-Patterned Partial Sums to Optimize GPU Memory Accesses for Drawing from Discrete Distributions Download

Using Commodity Coprocessors for Host Intrusion Detection Download

Using Commodity Graphics Hardware for Real-Time Digital Hologram View-Reconstruction Download

Using common graphics hardware for multi-agent traffic simulation with CUDA Download

Using Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) in Parallelizing Different Digital Image Processing Techniques Download

Using CUDA architecture for computer simulations of thermomechanical phenomena Download

Using CUDA Architecture for the Computer Simulation of the Casting Solidification Process Download

Using CUDA for Exhaustive Password Recovery Download Package

Using CUDA GPU to Accelerate the Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm Download

Using Data Compression for Increasing Efficiency of Data Transfer Between Main Memory and Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor or NVidia GPU in Parallel DBMS Download

Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks in Monte Carlo Tree Search Download

Using DRBL to Deploy MPICH2 and CUDA on Green Computing Download

Using efficient parallelization in Graphic Processing Units to parameterize stochastic fire propagation models Download Package

Using Fermi architecture knowledge to speed up CUDA and OpenCL programs Download

Using generalized ensemble simulations and Markov state models to identify conformational states Download Package

Using GPU for query of email spam detection systems and IDS Download

Using GPU shaders for visualization

Using GPU Shaders for Visualization, Part 2

Using GPU Simulation to Accurately Fit to the Power-Law Distribution Download

Using GPU to Accelerate Cache Simulation

Using GPU to exploit parallelism on cryptography

Using GPU VSIPL & CUDA to Accelerate RF Clutter Simulation Download

Using GPU-based Computing To Accelerate Finite Element Problems Download

Using GPUs for beamforming acceleration on SAFT imaging

Using GPUs for Machine Learning Algorithms

Using GPUs for Realtime Prediction of Optical Forces on Microsphere Ensembles Download

Using GPUs to Accelerate Installed Antenna Performance Simulations Download

Using GPUs to Crack Android Pattern-based Passwords Download

Using GPUs to Improve Multigrid Solver Performance on a Cluster Download

Using Graph Properties to Speed-up GPU-based Graph Traversal: A Model-driven Approach Download Package

Using Graphic Processing Unit in Block Cipher Calculations (thesis) Download Package

Using Graphic Processor Units for the Study of Electric Propagation in Realistic Heart Models Download

Using Graphical Processing Units for Deterministic Single Machine Scheduling Problems Download

Using Graphical Processing Units in Scheduling Problems Download

Using graphics devices in reverse: GPU-based Image Processing and Computer Vision Download

Using Graphics Hardware for Enhancing Edge and Circle Detection Download

Using Graphics Processing Unit to Accelerate Database Query Execution Download

Using Graphics Processing Units for Logic Simulation of Electronic Designs Download

Using graphics processing units to generate random numbers Download

Using Graphics Processing Units to Parallelize the FDK Algorithm for Tomographic Image Reconstruction Download

Using Graphics Processing Units to solve the classical N-body problem in physics and astrophysics Download Package

Using Graphics Processor Units (GPUs) for Automatic Video Structuring Download

Using Graphics Processors for a High Performance Normalization of Gene Expressions Download

Using graphics processors for high performance IR query processing Download

Using Graphics Processors for High-Performance Computation and Visualization of Plasma Turbulence

Using Graphics Processors for Parallelizing Hash-based Data Carving Download

Using Graphics Processors to Accelerate Synthetic Aperture Sonar Imaging via Backpropagation Download

Using graphics processors to accelerate the computation of the matrix inverse

Using Graphics Processors to Accelerate the Solution of Out-of-Core Linear Systems Download

Using Graphics Processors to Facilitate Explicit Digital Electrochemical Simulation: Theory of Elliptical Disc Electrodes

Using high performance computing and Monte Carlo simulation for pricing american options Download

Using High Performance Computing for Optimizing Credit Risk Calculation Download

Using High Performance Computing to Improve Image Guided Cancer Treatment Download

Using Hybrid CPU-GPU Platforms to Accelerate the Computation of the Matrix Sign Function Download

Using hybrid GPU/CPU kernel splitting to accelerate spherical convolutions Download

Using Hybrid Shared and Distributed Caching for Mixed-Coherency GPU Workloads Download

Using Image Morphing for Memory-Efficient Impostor Rendering on GPU Download

Using JavaScript and WebCL for Numerical Computations: A Comparative Study of Native and Web Technologies Download Package

Using many-core hardware to correlate radio astronomy signals Download

Using Mixed Precision for Sparse Matrix Computations to Enhance the Performance while Achieving 64-bit Accuracy Download

Using mobile GPU for general-purpose computing – a case study of face recognition on smartphones Download

Using modern graphics architectures for general-purpose computing: a framework and analysis Download

Using Modularity Metrics to assist Move Method Refactoring of Large System Download

Using multiple GPUs to accelerate string searching for digital forensic analysis Download

Using of GPUs for cluster analysis of large data by K-means method Download


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